Long hair survival rules

I have waist length hair. All the while in Malaysia, there was never really any hassle having long hair. Even when i was in England, my hair never gave any trouble. But the last few weeks, i am going through a tough time. I can’t even comb my hair. it is a fine mess of knots. How it happend I hv no idea. i still use the same shampoo and conditioner( imported all the way from Malaysia!!!) I hv lost so much of hair, while pulling the knots off(I know it is silly and I shouldn’t pull the knots, but if u sit down and after 30 minutes still haven’t managed to unknot 1/10 of the knots, then u will pull the knots in frustrations like i do)
This morning I decided to apply oil to my hair. When I was a little kid, my grandma made herbal oil for hair. I don’t remember the exact recipe. But it is done this way
Place 150 ml of coconut oil in a kuali and heat it slowly. after 20 minutes add 2 table spoon of dried black pepper and two pinches of cumin seed.. they will start popping.. continue warming the oil, after aanother 10 minutes add a spoonful of dried basil leaves, cook for another 10 minutes. Herbal oil is ready. Warm the oil a bit and apply on hair.. My knots are gone.. Only if i had used it earlier, i wouldn’t hv lost so much of hair…..

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