Stanley Park

I took the kids to Stanley park on saturday.. from where I stay, it is abt 35 KM away.. First thing I noticed, there were no toll plaza’s on the way… At the park I hd my wallet ready, to pay.. and was mentally calculating..hmmm three kids and 1 adult, surely would cost me at least 30CAD for entrance fee.. Alamak… there were no jaga there and no counter to pay.. I think Canadians are not intelligent.. when so many people visit the park, they should charge no?.

Younger one wanted to pee, and I took few loonies and toonies with me..just incase the lady there doesn’t hv enough change.. there too nobody wants u to pay.. and u know something.. they hv tissues too.. Aiyyah.. these people.. don’t they know economics? free entry to toilet and then free tissue too…

The park is so huge… i thought I will lose my way.. And u know something.. with water front property, sure u can build atleast 50 condos and and a 100 bunglow lots meh… sure can make money meh… I tell u.. Canadians are not at all using their brain.. they must make a field trip to Port dickson and see how u can DEVELOP such plots in to money making ventures…..

Then i noticed the amount of trees… aiyah… why r the tress still standing.. don’t they know there is money in the timber(ask osu of sabah!!!)

After my mind opening trip to the stanley park.. i heard three little voices asking me.. mama why don’t we hv parks like this in Malaysia… My heart wept..

2 thoughts on “Stanley Park

  1. I just started reading your blog from the most recent and then decided I am going about it the wrong way so I am going back to the beggining.
    I am born and bred a Canadian girl with a Canadian Father and German mother so it is very interesting and sometimes heartbreaking to read your blog.
    This post made me laugh since our German relatives speak the same way, they wonder why we dont develope our land more.
    I thank you for sharing your life with me.

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