Kway teow goreng my style

Before I begin I must say electric stove sucks.. it takes so long to get warm and then it is bloody hot..It does remind me of someone..hmmmm
Any way, I got all the stuff ready..put my dancing kuali on top of the burner..(before Vancouver, I lived in England and had no problem with the kuali and stove, we had the similar gas stove.. here it is the flat burner and my sexy kuali dances each time i stir anything)
It was taking a long time to get heated so i placed the knob on full setting and then added the oil.. I spend the next few minutes chopping the garlic to tiny bits and placed them in the kuali.. i really don’t know what happend, before i could open my eyes, the garlic had morphed to something that is not what it should be, and hoping to save the garlic i broke the egg in to tht and stired.. I manged to get a brown pudgy thingy and heard a small lousy voice from the living room”is something burning in here”. Tht was enough for me. i cursed the guy who invented the electric burner and his wife. I threw the whole hot thingy in to my bin, then there was different smell of plastic burning and found that the bloody burned stuff has melted the plastic lining of my garbage bin and in my rush to save the bin, i tripped on the bin and found myself in the midst of garbage ie left over food, egg shells etc. I ws so damn angry, more so after my daughter came in to the kitchen in the nick of time asking me what am i doing. I wanted to scream, but then i knew my Alaskan land lord will not be too happy..
If u think my trouble was over,, well not exactly.. After throwing the mush in to the bin, i had placed the pan back on the fire. i had forgotten to turn it off,, which resulted in the rest of the food stuff becoming coal. Now i remember reading somewhere coal under pressure becomes diamond..May be i should pressure cook the pan..
everyone ate peanut butter sandwich for dinner..

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