I hv an addiction problem

I hv been hving the problems most of my life. I am more addicted when I am away from Malaysia. It is something I know will ruin my health. But like all addiction problems, this too is something really hard to break free. Ofcourse I can try counselling, but the problem is I hv worked as a counsellor many times and I know exactly wht the counsellor is going to say. I could try group therapy, but to find another specimen like me…hmmm tht is hard.
You might be wondering how could I be an ignoramous and hv addiction problems. Well, wht do I say, it is part genetics, part cultural, part my apathy, But then again which Malaysian U would find not addicted to food? and I don’t mean junk food. A nice bowl of laksa, a few pieces of Roti canai with yummu yummy sambal or my all time favourite.. Kway teow goreng.
I am not at all interested in the hotel restaurent food. It is the hawkers in Malaysia tht makes my heart miss couple of beats and my knees go weak.. I hv travelled 45KM one way(on a weekday too) to eat dinner.. from KL all the way to kuala selangor so I could hv the best steamed fish.. I hv attended every single seminar in Penang, not because I wanted to learn something, it was more like the need to eaat the penang Laksa. And the best of all was u can hv a discussion with any Malaysian and even argue as to where u can find the best hawker selling a certain dish. I hv a friend who calls me up in the evening (after 10PM normally) asking me whether I am working tomorrow( which is normally the case) and invite me for supper, as she has found this perfect place where they sell this or that dish. If I am busy, she will tapao(take away) the food and we will eat at home while watching the latest movie(pirated vcd ofcourse!!)
Now in vancouver, the wallet is empty, so eating out is not an option. I hv decided to cook all my favourite food, and if u r a Malaysian, then u know the list can be loooooong. I made waffles for breakfast, i ate it with nona’ kaya and butter. Then I was still a bit hungry, so had a packet of Maggi mee. Then I made nasi biriyani for lunch, didn’t feel it was complete, so made spicy sambal too. for Snack I made waffle again.. to be eaten with kaya and butter. For Dinner I made kway teow soup… the problem is..In one month I hv gained 5 kg. I know I am depressed… who wouldn’t be, if u love something and don’t get it… I love Malaysia, always will

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  1. I’ve been here since April 08 and almost everyday, I’d complain about “lack of food” in AB to my husband. Back home, I’d have nasi lemak/tosai/roti canai/idli or chapati for breakfast. Here, I eat cereal. My mum would prepare delicious lunch; a full course meal and when I was at campus, my friends would camp in mamak restaurants. Here, I eat sandwich. Dinner will be merrier since we get to eat with family members (or friends in campus), from rice to curry with veggie and such. Here, I eat whatever I can cook.
    I really miss the cozy atmosphere when I dined in mamak restaurants. They open 24/7 and I’d always loved that. Here, everything closes early.

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