what I like abt Canada

I hv my family all over the world. Some in NZ, some in Australia, some in US, some in Europe.
Sometime after the birth of my 3rd child it dawned to me much as I love Malaysia, it is time to move on. The Malaysia of my childhood and the Malaysia, now is two different world. There is no way I could raise my kids the way my mom raised me… ie without prejudice. When I wanted to register my kids to school, I wrote in the race column Malaysian and the school administrator told me, much as she agrees with me tht my kids are Malaysian, I MUST fill the race and religion as it is a rule by the education dept. I don’t want my kids to be raised thinking tht they are malaysian chinese, Malaysian indian, malaysian kadzan or whatever. Here in Canada, they are just plain Malaysian. Simple fact. Nobody asks them their race/religion. Which is a personal matter. I agree with the great writer who said the chief cause of human troubles are the prejudices picked up in childhood. There was no way I could raise my kids without prejudices in Malaysia. It is inherrant in every aspect of Malaysian society. Did I make the right choice? I don’t know. My cousines kids raised outside Malaysia hv much broader view thn the ones raised in Malaysia. Most still hold their Malaysian citizenship, but I know it is a matter of time they would relinquish tht.. but then again whose fault is tht? As for my kids, I hope they will never let go the red passport..but they do hv the option now

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  1. they won’t fix it.. they can’t.. then who will vote the BN to power? If the insecurity of non muslim Malaysians are not there, do u think BN would ever win? One MP has said in the Parliament..u don’t like it here.. then get out of Malaysia..

  2. We Indians have a few MUST fill columns too – religion and cast. Based on this the kids would beglong to a certain category and they may enjoy (or not) certain percent of reservations in education, jobs, promotions, politics etc. A recent agitation against this system was turned down by the political leaders. I want my kids be just Indians, but it may not be possible.

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