I know I have been away from this blog. My apologies

Currently I am a sobbing mess.

It all started couple of weeks ago, when my son asked “Mom, would you be ok, if I move out and stay with my gf”

I have always known that children will grow up and leave home. It is nothing but the truth.  Yet, I couldn’t stop the tears and I haven’t the slightest clue as to why I am behaving this way.

My son was a bit taken aback too. It isn’t very often that he has seen his mother cry.

Of course, I told him that if he wants to move out, he can. That is his right. I wish I could have said it without crying.

The thing is, I didn’t cry this much when Yaya left home. I missed her terribly. But I accepted that she needs to find her wings and soar high.

I honestly don’t know why I am behaving differently with my son.

15 thoughts on “Diverging

  1. Whatever tears have to run down…let it run. There is no point in trying to be hard on yourself…..wondering “why am I different with my son”. Emotions is a crazy bag…it lets you down at odd times. Cheer up! Whatever goes around definetly comes around.

  2. We may have changed a lot , but since its been drilled in our minds from such a young age that girls get married and go to their “own” home , we may still hold onto those thoughts subconsciously. So may be , our minds are better prepared to see our daughters fly the nest than our sons. Just something to ponder over.

  3. Yaya’s college was baked into the model, so you did not cry when she left for school. Your son’s college is also baked into the model, so you will not cry when he leaves for school. What came out of nowhere was the moving out for reasons that is not college. That caught you by surprise. Hang in there. Trust all the wisdom you have parted. He will be fine.

  4. It’s a fact of life, unfortunately. Your reaction is normal in the sense that you are a mother and I can tell it’s hard to let your children go and see them spread their own wings and build a life for themselves. The fact that your son is a male doesn’t really hinder it as compared to Yaya. Hugs to you ((hugs)). Hope Yaya, Toothless and Baby are doing well 🙂

  5. It’s a year out, and water long gone under the bridge, but couldn’t help comment. As one of the ladies pointed out very wisely, it’s reasons other than college combined with the fact he’s the last one to leave the nest. While we all brace ourselves for the time when our kids leave the nest, none of us are really prepared for it, when it happens. It’s a sudden vacuum that nobody else can fill.

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