Off the beaten path

As I can’t really write a lot of things I want to, today we go off the beaten path.

I have always carved my own path. Occasionally some of my medical college classmates would write a comment here and there on my fb account and all of the comments are of the same category. “We really can’t picture you as a mom, that too the mother of three kids or let alone imagine how far you have come”

Sometimes, I do wonder how did I manage to live a life like this.  Perhaps the only thing I can say is that I am the owner of an indomitable spirit. However much I get beaten, I still rise.

A year ago, while I was undergoing some medical treatment,  I asked myself, if I had all the money in the world, what is the one thing I would buy?

7 years ago, when I arrived here, I was shopping around for a car and walked in to a car dealership. And the sales person gave me one look and ignored me. He gave me a form to fill and disappeared. Few months later, as the market was slowing down(due to K.Rudd changing some policy) i received a lovely email from the same showroom asking me very politely if I had any questions about their cars..and I didn’t  have any questions, I had plenty of answers and I told them to and explained to them how I was treated when I went to the showroom. They apologized and it made no difference to me.

So, If I had all the money in the world, I wanted to walk in to the same car dealership and order their most expensive car and pay cash. Totally out of this world ambition and clearly I was out of my mind. But then again  I carve my own path..

And so with that dream in my mind and the fact that I will be 50 in 3.5 years and I want to drive that car on my 50th, I decided to do something about it.

I read about all the shares again and about 6 months ago, I bought a lot of shares in a mining company . NTL( New Talisman Gold). I bought the shares for 0.006 and within a month the share prices tanked to 0.004. But I had faith in my research and I had a strong feeling that it will get better. And it did. It is now 0.016. And I am planning to leave it alone for a little while longer and if the shares have a good run.. I will own a beautiful car that cost twice more than my house. If it tanked, I will find a guy who owns the car(joking la)



10 thoughts on “Off the beaten path

  1. Don’t buy car from there. Go to some other car shop and show them you have bought the most expensive car from somewhere else. Let them regret. Otherwise you are helping them with the sales.:)

    • SAnto: I did consider them earning a huge commission when they order my car and get it delivered from Sydney. But the thing is, you always want to make it easier for the next person. The next time another brown person walks in to the showroom, I want the dealership to remember that this person could potentially be a customer, like the lady who bought the car.. and we better be nice to that person

  2. Hi, In my mobile , while trying to comment on your post it asked a login/password…
    Is that the new setup?
    but in my laptop it was fine.

  3. You will be able to own it. No doubt.
    So nice to have you back 🙂 stay here and write whatever comes to your mind.
    you were missed!!

  4. Hi Sarah, very inspiring to read your small notes on making money from shares, could you please do a more detailed post on how to start off for dummies!

    • Santhia: There is nothing mysterious about shares. Basically I prefer shares involved in resources as there are always demand for them. I read everything about them, the history, current value etc and then I track the market for a couple of weeks to see if it is heading the way I think it is and I buy. Sometimes, it tanks and I do miss a heart beat or two.. but I know my research was solid and so, I don’t panic. It is a risky business and I only play with money that are surplus to my need and am not greedy. I don’t try to make quick gains, neither do I want to be a millionaire.

        • Santhia: if you save 400$ a month, you will have a million $ in 40 years. I force my kids to save, just as I force myself to save. The secret here is knowing what you really want. I own a TV that doesn’t even show most of the channels as it is really a piece of junk. I will buy a new TV only when the current one completely dies. It is not that I can’t afford the latest TV, i chose not to buy because I have other important things to do. You need to prioritize what you really want and make a plan and start saving.

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