I haven’t abandoned the blog.

It is just that the past few weeks have been extremely busy.

My youngest had a lesion on her nose. I noticed it on Friday, spent two stressful days(Sat and Sun). Though the sensible one in me was very sure, it was a benign lesion, the mother in me analysed the likelihood that it could be malignant. It also didn’t help that she is extremely fair and won’t use sunscreen. A part of me wanted to scream at her for not being careful I called the specialist on Monday and managed to get an appointment for the afternoon. And he decided to do excision under GA the very next day. It was too short of a notice for me to get leave, so I had to drag Yaya to the hospital and make her stay with her sister while I went to work and spend the next few hours imagining all sorts of horrible things.

Taking Yaya to the hospital took a lot of effort. First of all, she hates hospitals, secondly there is nothing for her to do while she was there and her sister was in the OT. ย Very rarely I have yelled at Yaya and I did, when I told Yaya that she needs to be with her at the hospital and she refused.

After my youngest was discharged from hospital and as I was driving back home, Yaya told me

“mom, I think I want to become a doctor”

I swear, I thought I was hallucinating.

To be honest, I never wanted any of my kids to become a doctor. The amount of time and money one invests in becoming a doctor is really not worth it. Those days of medicine being all about saving lives are no longer the reality. Doing medicine will take a huge toll on you and that is the truth.

No other profession is this demanding and I don’t see the need why my children should sacrifice their mental health and well being when there are plenty of other jobs they could do.

I have never told my children what they should do with their life. So, I told her, if that is what she wanted to do, then I will support her..

In the 7 hours, she was at the hospital with her youngest sister, She has already found out the requirements to do Medicine at her Uni and chosen to do Chemistry next semester. This is apart from the part that she is aiming to do a four year degree in 3.

The funniest part of this drama is, in the event she decided to do medicine in Australia and joins my Uni, I will be teaching her ๐Ÿ™‚

Such is life.

I am heading to Singapore tomorrow (for work) and will not have a chance to blog till I come back in mid June.

4 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. Better doctor than software engineer.

    I hate what I do, despite being very good at it. I hope G doesn’t ever tell me that he wants to become one!

    I will probably be okay if he wants to be a doctor, and now I realize that it is probably because I don’t know a thing about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ohoi Sarah Chechi where r u ? How r u ? Are u all alright ?. Korachu tension aavunnu . U’ve never been this far from blogging. Take care dear.

  3. So long! Not back from Singapore so far?
    What you said is correct. Money is the important factor. So much to invest. In Kerala MBBS in a private college costs 27.5 lakhs rupees fees. Another 7.5. lakhs minimum other expenses. For PG another 25 lakhs. and so on. In Govt. colleges it is different. My son in law MBBS and PG from Government College and 3 or 4 lakhs altogether. Got Government job also. So no problem. He is pursuing MRCP while in service. Daughter BDS around 15 lakhs. Another 15 lakhs for setting up a dental clinic. Getting back money. I did not count investment and returns so far, so happy.
    About time spent. Time spent is not a big problem. For every study you have to spend time. Here 8 years for altogether for PG. Reasonable time like any other course. So if you compare the investment and returns it is of course not worth investing. Still worth investing if you compromise the social commitment and professional ethics.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I have to say i was rejected from St John’s Bangalore even though i was among the top 20 in the exam, and i was the Head boy of my School in Bangalore,why did they reject me…I was not enough of a catholic, even though i was baptized. To add to the fact, i had not applied to any other college because i was too cocky at age 17yrs and that day they rejected me, my fate turned. i have turned my back to all the church represents, just woke me to life!!
    I have that big incident that woke me to life….i had no plan to leave India, no plan to leave the church, now ….still i look back and ask, what a lucky break…!!

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