When I went to Manila, a dear friend had introduced me to one of his colleagues who is working as an expat in Manila. She went to Germany as  Vietnamese refugee in the late 70’s and have very traumatic stories to tell.

My work was really hectic and around the 3rd week of my stay there, I found that I was going to be homeless at the end of the month. My landlord didn’t understand my Canadian/Australian/Indian accent and assumed that I only needed the place for a month and rented it out to someone else. I was working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. most days and didn’t have time to go and look for a new place. My friend’s colleague was on her way to the airport (going back to Germany for a short visit) when she called me to say bye and  I told her that I will be homeless soon. The next thing I know is that the security guard at work calls me to say that someone had come to drop off a set of keys. She had actually sent her house key through the driver. She has never seem me before and only knew me through a friend. She lives in a penthouse in the most expensive condo in Manila with 360 degree view of the city.

Things like this always affect me more than you can ever imagine.

When Yaya was stuck in London and needed a place to stay, I didn’t even think of contacting my own family. Apparently my sister lives somewhere in England. (I have no idea where and am not keen to find out) I would never call my sister and ask for help, for I will have to hear the rest of my life how they dropped everything to help my child.

I know for a fact that they wouldn’t send their driver to my office to give me their house key, so I will have a place to stay if I ever found myself to be homeless. They would have first accused me of not doing things properly, like making sure that my landlord understood my terms.. or leaving work early and look for a place..(which in my case was not possible as my work involved managing Hazard risks..and Typhoon Lawin had just made landfall)

It is amazing that strangers help with love unconditionally  and we sisters thrive on hatred. Where did we go so wrong?

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  1. Whoever said family members have to be born to same parents or be related by blood or marriage or needed to stay under the same roof?
    Our family like breads thrown around are strewn across this world. They come to our rescue when we need them. 🙂

    That was a nice gesture. She probably knows what homelessness is from somewhere in her past.

  2. In general, I believe it is better not to ask relatives for any help. They will be very judgemental except for some folks.Always better to keep a network of friends like you have.

    • Karthik: A dear friend of mine has been saving 100$ a month since his first job 29 years ago. His youngest brother has leaning disability and although he has a job, he won’t have a large pension when he retires. So the older brother has been saving money for his youngest brother and the youngest still doesn’t know. There are families that care.. I just inherited the worst

  3. Maintaining good relationships is not easy, even within families. However it gets much harder to the point of impossible if there is at least one toxic person in the midst. For example, someone who poisons the minds of family members against each other when it suits them. The resulting fights, resentment, betrayals and hurt create cracks that are too deep to be mended. Also if a sibling constantly tattles, is very selfish, or generally a negative person who cannot see the good in anyone, the relationship will go south.

  4. Had the misfortune to witness it. Usually the nicest person in the mix is always at the receiving end. That is unless they develop ways to deal with it. Even then it is a precarious situation.

  5. Worst if yr hubby/ ex or whatever name he is ,put your life in hell for 3 years until now and separate you from your own child and her family.You learn to be kind and what you receive are poison.The child you just met hug and love you unconditionally ,even crying and ask when will you returned …..What HAPPEND to my boys,dear god protect my boys .Take care .You are wonderful woman,mother,sister and friend.Have a wonderful christmas?

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