I never realized how stressed I really was till I got back home.

On the day I arrived, my youngest came back early from the school, cleaned the house and decorated the living room with balloons and welcome home banner. She baked me Strawberry shortcake. My son had exams, but the night before, he cooked rice, potato mezhukkuperatti, avial, dhal and moru.. for me.

I had my first proper Indian meal, just the way I like(spicy) and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I took Kirra out for a walk.

Then I lay down on the bed and didn’t get up for couple of days. I guess I was emotionally spent.

It takes tremendous courage to leave a 16 and 14 years old alone at home for two whole months. So many things could have gone wrong.

It didn’t and I am grateful.

My son left for Peru ( student exchange) yesterday. He bought all the things he needed to take with him, packed his own bag..

House is very quiet with just me and baby.

I am now seriously considering what I will do in three years time when my youngest leave home. One of the reasons I was willing to work long hours while I was in Manila was that I didn’t want to go back to my empty apartment and be enveloped in silence. I missed my children’s laughter the most and I hated going back to the apartment in the night after work.¬†I must seriously consider my next move.

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