Spoiled brat

That is me..

Sometimes, one needs a bit of reality check to actually take a deep look at themselves..

So, I arrived in Manila to work with the WHO. My flight was delayed, most of the travellators at the airport were not working and it felt like the walk to immigration counter was never ending.

WHO office staff were waiting at the airport to collect me and take me to my apt. Although it was late in the evening, traffic was heavy and the 10 km travel took more than an hour.

My apt is smaller than a shoe box. (I swear) It even comes with a pull out couch instead of a bed.

I was crabby as hell..

Then the owner of the apt came and gave me her wifi dongle.. because she knew I have kids and would like to talk to them and it was too late for me to go and get phone and wifi sorted.

Then it occurred to me..that I am really a spoiled brat.. and that there is so much I take for granted..

So, it is a shoe box apt.. but it is still so much better than not having a place to sleep.. and I promised myself that I will stop getting annoyed with the small things..



6 thoughts on “Spoiled brat

  1. So this is what happens when you leave home ??!! 🙂 You have epiphanies 😉

    Glad to know you got there fine.. two months will fly so make the most out of it.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I am off his weekend to WHO, Geneva for official work.

    The apartments at Geneva are usually 1 BHK’s because it is really expensive at Geneva to rent out bigger apartments. I thought Manila would be far better in that regard.

    Anyway hope you have a great time at Manila

    • Karthik: Manila is really a beautiful city with lots of old world charms.. My only complain is that I can’t go for a walk every morning.. it is very crowded..

  3. Agree that minor/small things don’t matter, especially if they are irrelevant.

    Massive congratulations for getting the opportunity to work for WHO 🙂

    • J1206: After a week in the shoe box, I kind of like my apt.. Now the problem is my friends are coming to Manila next month and it is going to be really fun..

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