My mother always used to say ‘wait till you grow up, then you learn’ whenever she felt that I was irresponsible.

I had promised myself never to be like my mother when I had children of my own, but there were many times I almost said to my children “wait till you grow up”

One big issue at home was with bananas. I am obsessed with feeding my children healthy meals and fruits is a major part of their diet. I don’t buy the normal bananas(robusta/cavendish) because I had to eat bread and robusta/cavendish  bananas when my father stopped financially supporting, I just can’t eat those bananas any more and buy expensive Ladies finger bananas which cost  an average of 6$/kg( as compared to 1$/Kg for robusta.

My children, especially Yaya would never eat a banana if the skin has a little blemish.. It is too soft is what she used to stay. I used to get so annoyed with her for wasting food like that, often a full bunch of bananas. ( there is only so much banana cake you could bake!)

When we went to Churchill, we had to carry a lot of food with us. Churchill has no road network. Nearest town where the road ends is Thompson. From there it is another 12 hours of train ride to get to Churchill, which means everything in Churchill is really expensive. I bought a bunch of banana in Thompson and forgot to take it out of the plastic bag. By the time we reached Churchill, it was disgustingly ripe. I was going to throw them and Yaya stopped me. “You paid good money for the bananas mom and you are not going to throw it”

I watched my child eating really really , soft, yucky over ripe bananas. I never once told her that “wait till you grow up”.. but that didn’t mean that she never learned. When children grow up and earn their own money, they learn the value of money. You don’t have to nag them about it when they are young..

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  1. So true !

    Question is, do you really need to nag them on anything? I do find for anything, when the time comes, kids will naturally learn certain things. When they make their own money, like you said, they learn the value of money (nagging and trying to make them understand does not do good if they are dependent on you). Also, when they are independent and living themselves, they tend to learn and do household responsibilities, manage bills..etc. Sure, sometimes things may be learned the hard way, but once you come out of that hardship, you do tend to learn the value of it. Hence it’s said people do best when learning on their own and make their own mistakes.

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