Oru Tiramisu nte Katha..

I know this is a repeat of past events.. However, I can’t stop writing about it, so please bear with me.

Yaya is now a 100% vegan.. even her Doc Marten is vegan!!  I told her that I won’t go the extra mile to make vegan food for her, because that means I have to cook meat for the other two, vegetarian for me( I like dairy products, esp cheese) and vegan for her. I don’t have enough time to make three different types of food.. So all the desserts I make at home especially Tiramisu (Yaya’s favourite) Yaya can’t have.

Last Thursday after dinner, my youngest went to her room and brought a prettily wrapped parcel to the dining table. The parcel was really tiny.. and she gave it to Yaya and said, ” I bought you something to celebrate you getting the driver’s license”

I thought it would be Jewellery..  and I waited anxiously to see what she got for Yaya..

Yaya opened the parcel.. in it was a small slice of vegan tiramisu..

My youngest earns  $10.60/hour and the Tiramisu cost her 10$. One of the reason my youngest works is that she wants to have enough spending money to take with her when she goes to Spain in September.. and still she was willing to spend a large chunk of her day’s wage for her sister..

I know all about nature and nurture…  But I can’t stop asking myself, why? Why the hell did my sisters and I not have a relationship like this.. How could one mother destroy it all? and why did we not rise above all the damages Amma inflicted on us?

3 thoughts on “Oru Tiramisu nte Katha..

  1. Honestly,

    To think of it, your circumstances are just unfortunate. None of us can really choose the family we can be in sadly. Sometimes when my family gets crazy with their drama I always think how nice it would be to just choose a family you want to be in. Just curious, have you ever sister ever had a sibling bond where you just hung out and had a good time, or even talked about it? (But it seems your sisters are not the type to just chat about deep issues like these). But I think it’s awesome that you were able to see beyond and take a different approach, and thus your kids are the way they are…incredible.

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