Yaya got her driving license. As her mother, I have completed all I set out to do.

First, let me tell you about the road test.

As she has already completed her 100 hours on the road, she was eligible to go for the road test. But she felt she wasn’t ready. And finally got around to booking her test last week. She chose the local redneck area because she felt the testers would be used to multicultural people taking the test. She chose afternoon, during school zone time, so she would be spending most of the 30 minutes on the road test sitting in traffic jam. She didn’t want a female tester because she thought male testers are nicer(not true)

Her test was at 2;50 pm and on the day of the driving, she forced me to take her to the test center at 11 am. She then spent the next three and half hour, driving around the test center, so she is familiar with he roads as well as practicing parallel parking.. In between doing this, every few seconds she would tell me “I don’t want to do this, I am scared etc etc” and I told her “every person you see behind the wheel has gone through exactly what you are going through..it is ok to get worked up, but remember it is just a drivers test, the worst that can happen is you don’t pass.. but you can always do it again”

But I won’t have to do another test before I leave, I don’t want to do this, I want to go home…blah blah she went on.. By the time we went to the test center for her to go for the road test, I was coming down with the mother of all migraine.. It is not east trying to be positive and give your child the moral support she needs.

When the tester came out, I noticed it was a lady.. She sounded so rough and tough when she asked Yaya to turn on the car, the lights etc..

About 10 minutes later, the girl who went for the test before Yaya came back crying.. she failed the test..

I expected the worst.. But then again, I should have known this is Yaya.. the one thing thatΒ sets her apart from her friends is her absolute determination..

She passed her drivers test in the first attempt..

When I gave birth to her, I promised myself that I will do my job as her mother well and I had set goals for myself.

I wanted her to have the best possible childhood.. I gave her that.

I wanted her to learn swimming and skating. Yes to both.

I wanted her to play a group sport and a musical instrument.. Yes to both.

I wanted her to be able to shop for her own grocery and cook a meal.Β  Yup, she can do that.

I wanted her to dress properly.. yup

So, all in all.. here I am.. a very happy mother.. I achieved all the goal… now she is free to follow her dreams and achieve her own goals.

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  1. Sarah,

    Congrats to Yaya ! You, Sarah, were wonderful with her as you are with all your children. The right to be a very happy mother is definitely yours


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