My youngest started working part-time a month ago.

On her way back from school, she noticed a vacancy ad on a shop window. She came home and asked me how to go about applying for the job. I explained to her the process and that the first thing is to get her resume sorted.

When Yaya got back from work that day, there were her favourite cupcakes in the oven, courtesy of her youngest sister.  And I heard the youngest very gently asking Yaya, if she could have a look at Yaya’s resume. Well played, I thought.

She then suggested to her brother that they could take the dog to the dog park and spend some time together.. and they did

At the end of the day, she had both her siblings resume in her email inbox!

Next evening she asked me if I would drive her to the shop where she saw the ad and I asked her “Why didn’t you go there straight after your school?”

“Madre, I need to look presentable” And I noticed that she actually did make an effort to look presentable. Black top, with a matching skirt and leggings.. (as opposed to her normal attire of leggings and a t-shirt sans the skirt!)  Her hair was neatly combed and tied in a ponytail.(as opposed the messy Boho style she prefers everyday)

I agreed to drive her to the shop.

When we were about a block away from the shop, she asked me to pull over.

“Why do I have to stop here?”

“Madre, I don’t want them to know that my mother came with me. I want them to know that I am a confident young woman”

And so she did. She went there, handed in her resume and managed to get a trial the next day and got the job.

At home,there are two chores that all three of my children refuse to do. To take the thrash to the bin and to clean the toilet. And guess what? Her new job involves her cleaning the toilet and taking the thrash to the bin.. and she does it without any complaints. When I asked her how come she is willing to do it at work , but not at home, she replied..” you don’t pay me to do your dirty work!”

I was tempted to tell her that I don’t get paid to do their dirty work either.. but being the smart woman that I am, I kept quiet.. for I know for sure that her reply would be, you chose to have kids.. you made your bed and you better lay on it!

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