Possibilities are endless.

Yesterday, I received a cheque from my insurance company. I had taken an endowment policy 20 years ago and it matured. As the policy payment is auto deducted from my bank, I had completely forgotten about it and was really surprised to see the cheque.

At the time I took out the policy, 20 years felt like it was galactic distance away. When we were in Canada, I regretted taking out the policy because I could hardly afford to pay the premium.

Today I am glad that I persevered. This was kind of a forced saving and the returns were really good.

I have enough money to

pay Yaya’s tuition fee for a year,

or pay down payment for a beach house

or go on a month long cruise on QE2

or pay down payment for the Schooner I always dreamt of owning.

At the moment, I am not sure what I really want to do.. so I am going to put the money in FD and dream.. the possibilities are endless.

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