It is not exactly the right word, but it would do.

Sometimes, you meet someone and realizes that even beyond the probability of odds, you have lived parallel lives..

I remember the day very clearly. I was a final year medical student.. It was Pooja holidays in India and I decided to go back home. It was raining heavy by the time the bus reached Ulsoor lake and no Auto driver wanted to do the short trip. I was soaked to the bone and walked part of the distance till an older auto driver felt sorry for me and finally stopped.

Amma was home and as usual there was nothing to eat. I took a shower while regretting the decision of  coming home. If I had stayed at the hostel, at least I would get three meals!  I was too tired to cook and Amma offered to make Kanji and I said fine.

While waiting for my mother to cook the dinner, I switched on the TV and for some reason, I ended up watching X-files. I don’t remember much about the episode, but it had aliens, drains and it spooked me so much that I asked my mother if I could sleep with her that night. (I was 20 years old). It also was the last time I ever watched X-files.

When he and I were discussing about all the TV shows we watched, he said “There was an episode of X-files that I watched that had aliens and drains and it spooked me so much that I was so scared to sleep in my room and  had to sleep in the living room, near my parent’s room.

That was the first of many incidents we seem to have shared a common path..

7 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. 🙂 once I watched some horror movie that had a bad spirit with ability to change bodies after killing the host body. There is a scene where the spirit is in a bag lady who jumps up to the apartment of high rise. That spooked me so much then… and for many many years later..

  2. Its not very common for 2 people to have such experiences, totally at two different times , that too may be in different continents and to have to come together to share that experience. It truly must be your other half.. the term “better half” which most people use it so commonly ..May be this is the true meaning of that. .. Your story and the experiences you share sure does help the ones in hardships to believe that miracles do happen. Wish you both come together and also define the ‘happily ever after ‘ without having to compromise self freedom or letting go off what really matters to each . Very touching…

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