Ideally, I would like to not write about my breaking heart, because it is too painful. However, my fingers seem to have a mind of their own.. I don’t know how long you all will have to endure reading this saga..

Yesterday my son wanted to go to Byron Bay. Yaya too wanted to do it because she needs to complete 100 hours of driving to get her P plate. I didn’t want to go because the first trip he and I did was to Byron Bay. This was way before I fell in love with him. Because of my (lack of) sense of direction, I offered to meet him half way in the city and he took the train from his place. There was a perfectly functioning underground tunnel that lets him get to the car park safely without getting himself run over by cars. But he chose to cross/jaywalk  the most busiest road. I watched him zigzagging between cars travelling at 70 km/hr. He had a huge grin on his face when he got to my car alive.. like a little kid. It was the first time he met my kids who by this time were laughing so much after watching him run like a scared rabbit between cars. There was something about the way he talked to the kids.. he just knew how to capture their attention because my son who usually play games on his phone and my youngest who usually reads were talking to him the entire drive. I was completely sidelined. We were meant to go to Fishhead in Byron bay for dinner and when we got there, it was closed. There were plenty of other restaurants and each of the kids wanted something different and went their own way. he and I ended up in a Mexican place and he ordered a quesadilla. “What are you having?” He asked me and I told him, I am a vegetarian for which Yaya(who by then decided she too wanted Mexican food) replied, “Mom is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat vegetables” That has been a joke with the kids for the longest time because as I wrote before I don’t like any vegetable that ends in Ka/Ga in Malayalam. (vendekka, vazhuthanagga etc). Seriously though, the only picking the Mexican place had was a cheese Quesadilla and I didn’t feel like eating it. So after he and Yaya bought their food, we still went to look for something for me to eat and eventually found a Middle Eastern restaurant. I was finally happy. I ordered Falafel sandwich. 5 minutes after I ordered the food, I noticed the girl at the counter hitting on him. It was a pretty hilarious sight.. him eating his quesadilla and her asking him questions and him trying to swallow his food, so he could answer her questions.. Eventually my younger two found us and he immediately turned his attention to the kids and ignored the girl at the counter.

We then went to the beach, sat on the rocks and watched the waves.. It was really cold and then being the awesome person that I am, I went to the car to get the  blankets and the dessert. I had baked apple pie for dessert and actually had to keep it in a wooden box because I had taken it out of the oven just before leaving.. I didn’t count the number of spoons we needed and found that we were one spoon short. So I gave him the last spoon. The pie was still steaming hot and it was really a good pie.( and totally a cheats version, I added extra sugar and cinnamon to canned apple pie filling and the crust was made with readymade short crust pastry. I made it look professional by doing lattice work for the top crust) He noticed that I didn’t have a spoon and took a spoonful of pie using his spoon and gave me. I grew up practicing Ayitham and even to this day I find it really strange to share utensils with strangers. I didn’t want to offend him, so I ate the pie..rather reluctantly.

“You are an awesome cook” He said

“I know” I replied”

“Very modest, are we?” He replied and my kids almost chocked on the apple pie..(while laughing).

After that we walked a bit and then drove back home and I dropped him to his home. We hugged each other and wished goodnight like friends do. But I did notice him standing by the driveway and watching me drive off, which was a bit odd..

“He is so much fun” said my youngest and I nodded my head.

The trip to Byron bay yesterday was really painful.. because I relived all that I wrote above..

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  1. Life, it seems, doesnt bring us things in neatly tied up, perfect packages… Wishing you strength for whatever it is that the new year brings to you…

    • Thumbi: I don’t know. He can’t stay in Aus and I can’t go to Spain. I also don’t want to do long distance relationship.

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