It is hot and almost Christmas. I have been wanting to write a post on the year that was..

But today is a lazy kind of day.

Yaya’s SAT subject results are out. She got 760/800 for Biology and 730/800 for Spanish. Pretty good score I must say, considering the fact that she never had any tuition and partied the night before her exam!

This morning she showed me her essay for college application. She called the former PM Australia a buffoon because she was unhappy with his environmental policy. I thought of telling her to tone it down. But then again, it is her essay.. her feelings.. if she thinks Tony Abbot is a buffoon then so be it.

Ideally I would love to be somewhere cold during Christmas. Somehow Christmas in Australia never really has that magic one would expect. We hung the star, decorated the tree and I can see piles of gifts under the tree that the kids have bought for each other.

This morning I baked Pavlova and Goan Bibinka. (Bibinka requires egg yolk only and pavlova requires egg white only, so I do both). I already made old fashioned sago Christmas pudding few days ago. I still have fruitcake from few Christmas ago in the freezer, None of my kids like to eat fruitcake. So I stopped baking fruitcake.

Champagne is already in the fridge. Tomorrow evening I will make Stuffed Chicken breast with pancetta and sun dried tomato, Lobster in lemon butter, garlic prawns, saddle back potato, cauliflower au gratin and a nice Italian salad.

This is the last Christmas I have all three of my children home.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    First off congrats to Yaya on her scores!!! She deserved every bit of it! 🙂 And also, you never know, she may be spending Christmas with you all next year as colleges close before Christmas and are closed for a month or so.

    I too am anticipating to see what it is like to have a warm winter season/Christmas this yeaer. Christmas Day is expected to be 65 degrees. This year at this time of the month is very strangely warm as we were getting 60-70 degree weather ! I have no idea why it is! Maybe to spare us some time from the disastrous cold and gigantic snowstorms that hit us last year? Usually the winter months in Northeast US are somewhat very cold where it does snow. This year we had none of that but summer like weather. I’m so used to wearing a winter coat now and always think it’s going to be cold, but this month I go with a winter coat on and look a dope as everyone is out with shorts lol. However, it’s all due to El Nino. I just hope that because we had a warm winter this year means we’ll have a freezing spring/summer. That won’t be fun.

    Your Christmas feast sounds very unique :). It’s pretty creative. I’m having family coming over for Christmas this Friday and Saturday and it sounds good so far (not really too creative like yours). We’re ordering chicken tikka and naan from a local Indian restaurant Christmas Day. In addition, my mom is going to make salmon cutlets and mini hot dog rolls. She put me in charge of making brownies and I’m going to make it very christmasy by making the brownies look like decorated Christmas trees (green icing, candy canes and sprinkles/candy..etc). Add hot coco to that. Also we were planning too to get a fruit cake but my mom thinks all the fruitcakes she found has too many nuts and fruit (:/?) so she bought a tiramisu cake instead haha. Can’t wait as get to hang out with my cousins 🙂

    Here’s to wishing you and the kids a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy, relax and have fun with Yaya, Toothless and Baby !

  2. Hi Sarah,Miss you alll and the kids Yaya,toothless and little 1.Merry Xmas from vancouver..Been searching yr blog for long time till tonight i stumbled and i found it.
    Hows Queensland, hope we can still keep in touch.
    Have a great Xmas and wonderful new year 2016.

    • Shanaz: I am so glad to see your comment. I have been searching for you. Your old email not working la..and mobile number pun salah.. I will mail you..

  3. Congrats! Those are awesome scores!

    You are doing something right to create an atmosphere where they excel!

    Merry X’Mas and a very Happy New Year!!

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