This happened when I was doing 3rd year MBBS.

I had thought some chapters for Pathology part 2 were not part of the internal exam and on that morning of the exam, I found out that my assumptions were wrong. Obviously I am the very last second learner and had spent the time previous evening reading the chapters I thought was important. I had not even read those chapters and didn’t have time to read them before the exam. I was in full panic, especially because this was part 2 and the Patho prof was a real pain in the posterior. As I was walking to the exam hall, I met a senior who wished me ” good luck” and I told her  “no point, I didn’t study half of what is required and I am going to fail ” and she looked at me, smiled and said ” You will be fine, just read the question and give your best shot”

I don’t think I can explain how that one comment changed my life. The way she said ‘you will be fine’ made an enormous difference to me. I felt I could write this exam even though I haven’t studied anything and still pass. ( which I did)

Couple of weeks ago, Yaya had her first oral presentation. It is part of her assessment, recorded and sent to IB head quarters to be marked by an external examiner. Obviously she was very stressed. My cousin was home and in the morning when Yaya came to the kitchen, She said ” Mom, I am so worried, I don’t think I can do it” and my darling cousin told her ” This is how life is going to be, you will have plenty of speeches to give if you are going to be a diplomat, so better get used to it”

Fortunately my cousin stopped with that and didn’t proceed to do much more damage.

When a child is stressed, the last thing they want to hear from you is about what they are going to face in the future. They are worried about the present.. the event of that day.. not the speech they have to give 100 years from now.

I told Yaya ” you will be FINE, go and give your best shot”

I made her Mexican breakfast, talked to her about the hot guys in my class etc ( anything that can distract her and stop her from getting worked up)

She did the presentation very well, not because she as a diplomat she will have to give a lot of speeches in the future, but because she believed in herself.

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  1. So glad I found your blog. I enjoy your posts immensely! Felt anxious about leaving a comment but decided “to give it my best shot”.


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