Having a best friend who speaks 6 other languages (None of which I speak) apart from English means that I get to hear a lot of songs I would have never heard otherwise.

Today I have a test and I haven’t studied anything. I am going for the I pick B for all the questions I don’t know the answer to, chances are that I get 1 in 4 right. ( I think we can safely assume that my GPA is heading south)

Instead of studying, I am listening to this song..

Lyrics and translation here


12 thoughts on “Hmm

  1. All the best with your test. Your method will work if there is no negative marking. But if it was randomized by a human, it may not always be a 1 in 4 chance – usually better than 25% if you pick something other than the first and last. B or C if you have four choices. Read a study somewhere, once upon a time. Unless your teacher read the same study and now favours A or D 🙂

    And if you can eliminate at least one option, it brings your chances up considerably.

    • SV: I got 15/20 for the test. I knew the correct answer to 9 and the 6 was the result of my probability theory. Answer to the 6/11 was B. I know if you eliminate one of the wrong answer from the 4, you increase your chance.. but I still like to go for the B..I read the question, if I have no idea what it means, I go for the option B.

  2. That is funny because one of my professors have mentioned this before., only for me it does not seem it would always work. I remember her saying that first use the process of elimination, and if you don’t know the answer, just pick option “B”. Nice to hear that this can work. Bet it helps a lot with standardized tests.

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