Sigh !

I started off my day by scolding my son.

I do not like to start my day in a bad mood, because it kind of affects my whole day and it is the same for the kids. If you yell at them first thing in the morning, it affects their whole day too.

I was in a rush, there was leftover baked beans in the fridge and I wanted to use it this morning. So I asked my son if he could get me the sausages from the freezer, so I could serve beans, sausages and egg for breakfast. Freezer is in the garage and it is really cold in there. I heard my son huffing and puffing while chucking things around the freezer.

“Where are the sausages?” He yelled out ” It is really cold in here and I am freezing”

I was working last weekend and my partner had sorted out the grocery and I had no idea where he kept the sausages. So I told my son ” It has to be along with all the meat”

My son started huffing more and eventually he slammed the freezer door and came to the kitchen, grabbed a bowl from the dish rack, opened the fridge took the milk out, slammed the fridge door with such force that the fridge magnets fell down. ( I think all that slamming actions was to show me that he wasn’t going to get the sausages and was going to eat cereal instead and if I really wanted to cook the sausages, I had to go and get them)

And I lost it.

I told him off.

Every day morning when I go to the garage to get items from the freezer, I too feel the coldness. All the meat items are kept in the bottom two racks of the freezer and all he had to do was to lift the top items and look inside. There was no need for the tantrum first thing in the morning. It is not like my son is someone special sent to earth who can’t bear a few minutes of cold air and if he felt really cold, he should have gone and wore a jacket. I feltif I don’t get him to understand that simple truth that he is really not someone special,  in a decade or two, he will get married and will treat his wife the same way.

He went to school without saying I love you to me.

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