I want Yaya to get her P license before leaving home and part of the requirement to get a P plate is 100 hours of on the road driving.

I drive a very very very expensive car and I am terrified of her wrecking it and I don’t see the point in buying a second car and pay the road tax etc when none of the kids are planning to stay back in Australia after grade 12. So we were in a stalemate with her getting her 100 hours on the road..

Finally my best friend stepped in..

He asked me ” Don’t you think your car is the safest car for your child to be in if she get in to an accident?” ( It is true, My car is reputed to be one of the safest and fastest cars in the world)

I had never thought that way. Until my friend asked that question, I was more worried about the value of my car depreciating if Yaya wrecks it. But, isn’t my child’s life more important than my car’s value?

And so, I let Yaya drive my car. On the first day, we went through the roundabout ( instead of around it), second day, I saw the cracks in the crash barrier, because she was only a mm away from hitting it. She gets really angry and scream at me when I don’t give according to her ‘Clear instructions’. ( I beg to differ, however I understand that she is really stressed, so I don’t get angry with her when she yells at me 🙂  )

Yaya hates roundabouts and freaks out every time we are at a roundabout that is near my home and we can’t avoid it.. Again my friend stepped in and told her “roundabouts are designed to give you time to think, you can go round and round without having to worry about where you should turn, so chill” and the next day Yaya was perfectly fine. ( I had never even thought about telling her things like that)

And now, I sit with her every morning as she drives to school. She is confident and is a very good driver..

But there are plenty of bitches and bastards on the road. She needs to turn left in to the main road after leaving our street and few days ago, someone honked at her because she didn’t turn quick enough.. ( obviously there is an L plate at the back of the car and the driver behind us could see that).. Some of the women drivers are really aggressive and cut in front of the car when Yaya is driving..One even refused to give way when Yaya was trying to merge in to the highway..

I have always been mindful about L plate drivers because I remember how terrified I used to be when I learned to drive and it is really sad to see that not many people remembers their L plate days and act like bullies..

8 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. This is both good and bad…

    The L drivers get confidence earlier, and also learn to ignore those bullies..
    Bad is you tend to lose confidence.. but once you learn to ignore, its then fun to drive..

    All the best to both of you 🙂

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