She is my classmate, the only daughter of her parents. She knew that to have a better future, she needs a good education. So she started learning English as a second language and then eventually came to Australia as an International student to study nursing. She passed nursing and decided that she needs a master’s degree..

She works in a sushi restaurant for the maximum hours she is allowed to work. She saves every single penny. Her parent help her with the tuition fee, but her living expenses are all on her own.

Last month she bought a beat up car with the money she saved working the last three years. She hasn’t been once since she came to Australia.

In one of the group assignment we worked, she spent 8 hours to write 800 words. ( She still struggles with English, but was determined to do a good report)

In exactly 6 months from today, my oldest child will leave home.. She knows she is on her own ( financially)

I meet so many international students who work and support themselves  and I was one of them..

But still it feels really send Yaya out to face the world on her own.

4 thoughts on “Determination

  1. Well….

    Everyone has to go on with their lives and learn to be on their own. You’re not going to be there forever for your kids, so they’ll have to go and learn for themselves. Is she starting with the college admission process now?

    It’s life, but she’ll always be your baby no matter what 🙂

    • J1206: She wants to write SAT again in Oct and then apply to Uni.. She is a year ahead of her Cohorts in N. America

    • Bipin: It is an indisputable fact that my children are better than me.. but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about them.. which is a privilege mothers are blessed with

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