Yesterday morning, first thing I did was to go to the library. I haven’t read any serious  novels since my classes started. I am a creature of habit and having classes at odd times, having to take the public transport etc has knocked my carefully laid out, perfectly planned to the very last second life in to  chaos. Thursdays I had classes until 7:30 pm and  it took more than an hour  get back home and often I didn’t even have time to grab a cup of tea before taking my kids for their basketball games. ( And I still had to do my assignments after we came back home at 10 pm).

I haven’t had a dinner party at home and I missed having my friends over.

I haven’t taken my kids for holidays.

I haven’t done any gardening, not even watering the plants ( automated it)

My house is a mess.

I read Hwan Sok-Yong’s The shadow of arms until 2:30 am last night. Today, I will work on my garden, tomorrow I will clean the house and on Sunday, I have friends coming for dinner..

I am so glad for the few days of time off from Uni.



2 thoughts on “Phew!

    • MS: I thought of sleeping in, but the jobs that are pending will still be waiting for me when I get up.. so I felt, let me get them over with, so I can sleep peacefully.

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