Here I am.

After driving my children, partner, friends and the rest of the human and animal kingdom nuts for the past 5 weeks, I decided that I better go back to Uni, to save myself from starting world war 3.

I have learned that I am such a pain in the posterior and that I am becoming just like my mother.

It was a simple thing. Laundry. I can’t carry the laundry basket ( You aren’t allowed to carry anything heavy till you completely recover) and my children were not home. My friend had come over to check on me and helped me to carry the laundry to the clothes line. Being the nice guy that he is, he also chipped in to help me hang the laundry.

Normal people would be grateful.

I have separate hangers for various clothes. I also like to hang my clothes on a hanger with the tag at the back and the hook of the hanger facing to the left. It makes it really easier to see your clothes when you stand in the closet because the front of your clothes on the hangerĀ faces you.

The end result. My friend will never help me hang clothes ever again.

My mother has various obsessions with clothes. She is the only person I know who can wash clean clothes because they were on your bed. ( You know when you try various outfits in the morning and didn’t have time to hang them back in the cupboard..they will be in the clothes line when you come back in the evening).

As a child growing up, I often wondered why can’t my mother be a bit more understanding and do the things the way my father wants her to do. And now, I have learned I am a strong follower of my way or no way.

I feel sorry for my kids. ( that they will have to cope with me when I am an old woman and wear purple hat)

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    • J1289: My great grandmother and grandmother were fantastic women. My relatives (older ones) used to talk about my great grandmother and I still remember all the fun times I had with my maternal grandmother. I don’t think there is a genetic association..

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