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Today I started studying full time at University of Queensland.

Part time study was really frustrating and I felt I wasn’t able to give my studies the attention it deserves.

Financially this is one of the biggest gamble I have ever taken and I hope I wont end up regretting it.

I am one of the oldest students in my class and it does feel very odd. It is even more odd showing the bus driver my student ID to get concession fare. Talking about bus fare, I am now forced to take public transport as I can’t find any car park at the Uni. The good thing about taking public transport is that Iย can read during the commute.

Yesterday as I was sorting my Uni papers, my son came to me and told me ” I am proud of you Mom, proud of the fact that you never quit striving for your dreams”

I guess, we will see this time next year, if my gamble was worth it.

16 thoughts on “Full time

    • Aditi: At one time, I was the youngest student in my class ( MBBS) and now I am the oldest. I hope I will do well.

  1. Let it not be a gamble. Let it be a well thought out decision. Make the best use of it. Next year this time, you should be done. Good Luck!!

  2. What your are studying all the time Sarah? With your deternination ( your history stands testimony) you can do it.Go ahead. I will help u with part of may saving.OK?

    • Bipin: I wanted a political career..and the only way to achieve that was to upgrade my skill. Financially I am ok, I saved enough money last year and I got PG student fee help from the govt.

  3. Think positive Sarah !

    If this is a step that you dream of doing and always wanted to do, it’ll be worth it at the end! There will be times where it may drive you crazy and you feel you can’t do it anymore, but once you reach the end, you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment. Never doubt yourself, you’ll make it!

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