Precious things

Often one of my children would tell me that “you are the nastiest meanest mother on planet earth” and though I know why they are saying that ( because they can’t get what they want) it does hurt my feelings. I usually reply that it my duty to be a responsible mother and sometimes you might find my decisions are not what you want, but we will just have to live with it, because I am the mom here and I am doing my job, if I am the nastiest meanest mother, then so be it.

And then they do something really out of this world that makes me the happiest mother on planet earth.

Every Christmas my children ask me what I want? and to make their life easy, I have always asked said “Something for the kitchen/house” and then I keep my fingers and toes crossed that they will not buy me any kitchen gadgets. I am totally old school. I prefer to knead bread dough in a bowl than use a machine and then clean the whole bloody thing. I also hate surprises and check/spy/inspect all the packages that are kept hidden/in plain sight. This year, I even checked the attic and there was no sign of any Christmas gift for me. ( And yes, I was upset) Even on Christmas eve, I checked under the tree and there was no gift for me.

Christmas morning, I woke up hearing my kids whispering. “Ha, they forgot to buy me a gift and they know they are going to be in hot soup and are discussing how to weasel themselves out of the trouble they are in” so I thought.

I heard Baby saying to her siblings ” I think mom is up”.

I waited with bated breath to give them a piece of my mind ( for not buying me a Christmas gift of course) and in walked my three kids with huge grin on their face.

“Merry Christmas Mom” They said and gave me the smallest gift I ever received. A small tiny box. “Open it” they chorused.

With trembling hands I opened the tiny box and found this

photo (3)

My children gave me a Mother’s ring last Christmas with all their birthstones. Tourmaline ( Oct) for the baby I lost. Alexandrite for Yaya ( June), Aquamarine for my son ( March) and Garnet for Baby ( December).

To say that I was touched would be the understatement of the year..





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  1. Gorgeous !

    Even though your kids get mad at you and “hate” you for certain things, the love they give never diminishes 🙂

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