I am not sure when old age started creeping in on me and I never thought it would be this difficult. Surely it was the arrogance of my youth that made me so immune to the signs of old age that reared its ugly head months ago.

I think the first sign was when I couldn’t thread the needle. I  never ever had difficulty threading the needle until one fine day a year ago, I just couldn’t. I am stubborn by nature and sat with the needle for a very long time till I managed to thread the needle. I should get new reading glasses, but I am still not ready for it ( Does one ever get ready to accept wearing old woman’s glasses?)

Two days ago, I had to sign up my kids for Basketball and while filling in the form, I needed to get my credit card details. I asked my son for help and he was none too pleased. Eventually he made a mistake and I got really annoyed with him, which in turn made him get annoyed with me. His point being, if you wanted to write the number without making a mistake, then you should do it yourself and my point being I asked for help and you should help me without being grumpy and not making a mistake. To make things worst, I have no difficulty seeing the CVC code at the back of the credit card ( black numbers on white background), but not the credit card number which are shiny silver numbers on almost shiny silver card. He couldn’t understand how that is possible. I  just wanted my son to accept that I can’t see things without glasses and help me. I didn’t want to admit my frailty. ( Of course all these could be easily avoided if I would get my ass to an optometrist and get new prescription glasses)

As I drove back home silently. still being angry at my son, it occurred to me that I am really growing old and it isn’t my children’s duty to step in to cover my frailty. It is my job to accept that simple truth..that I am getting frail and my children are getting strong..

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  1. So you too are going through this. I have been having issues reading small print, the Blackberry is blurry when i wake up and am trying to read. I also had issues when I was at a client meeting and was trying to follow the presentation materials. I know I have to get to the ophthalmologist and probably get my prescriptions. Other than that, my vision is fine. I have never had glasses or any other vision problem and I am fighting this new development. If I lay off the BB for a few days, the vision seems to get better, but it is coming! soon!!

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