Good Morning

It is actually a beautiful morning here. After 4 days of incessant rain and strong wind, this morning appears to be like a dream, as if the past 4 days didn’t happen.

Friday morning, I had a feeling that the weather might turn nasty and told my children to stay home. Yaya had maths exam and photo day at school. According to her, when she becomes famous, the senior photo of her is what will be ( first)Β in the public domain and she wants to make sure it is the best. If you missed photo day, then you have to go to the school office and they take your photo and it wouldn’t be professional. She was also not willing to skip her maths test. ( I did wonder briefly, if all is well with my child)

My son felt, sitting at home all day is too boring and decided that he too wants to go to school.

“If my siblings are not staying back at home, I am not going to stay at home alone”, said the youngest and she too went to school.

There is only one road connecting my home to rest of the Brisbane and it lies in the flood plains. As I left my home, I noticed my neighbour who is the local SES ( state emergency services) chief had the SES boat parked outside his house and I knew the weather is going to be bad.

By mid morning, my phone started buzzing with txt messages from the city council warning me about the flood danger and I decided to take leave, went to my children’s school and picked them up. ( Yaya managed to get her photo done and sit for the maths exam by then)

Every time, there is a flood event, TV news will be bombarded with the message Β “if it is flooded, forget it” ie, don’t even attempt to drive through flood waters. By the time I reached near my home, there was water over the road.Β  I had no choice but to drive over the flooded road with my children chanting “if it is flooded forget it, Mom you are going to kill all of us”

We got home and I found that the backyard is flooded.. One of the drains was blocked and I asked my children to help me. They did, by jumping up and down and spraying each other with water and then they started to play tag ( tiggy) and ran around the house and then inside the house. Then they made paper boats and floated it down the monsoon drain and fought with each other as to who really was the winner. When the paper boats soaked and disintegrated, they decided to float old leaves..

Meanwhile, I cleaned the drain, cleaned the wet floor inside the house and made myself a cup of tea. They came back after a while dripping wet and walked through the clean dry floor .. I mopped the dried the floor again. An hour later, I heard the brother ask the sisters, “Shall we go out and play again” and they did.. again, I mopped and dried the floor.

I was annoyed with them for making me work like this.

But you see, this unbridled joy of being a child, my children will lose that bit by bit when the reality of life starts to make its way. I will not be able to give these moments again and so I cherished hearing their laughter and watched the flames of life glowing in their eyes..and heated a wheat pack for my back.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Like they say, enjoy it while it lasts, especially your childhood because you’ll never get it back. The cycle kid craziness and nerve wrack will continue though when your grandkids will be doing the same to your kids haha , but hey, at least you’re letting them be kids πŸ˜‰

  2. Lovely posts. I had been reading your blog in 2012-13 but had lost track in between. I saw a store named Ya Ya & Co which bought back memories of your blogsposts.
    Good to be back again.

    Wishing you & your adorable kids good luck and hope. πŸ™‚

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