Today is Baby’s final assembly at the elementary school. The grade 7 students vacate their places and leave the hall and the grade 6 move in to grade 7 places. One group leave with tears rolling down their eyes and the other group all excited to be the new grade 7 students.

28 years ago, I too went through this. I remember feeling petrified as to where my life will take me. I was living in a two bed room dungeon ( it really was) kind of house with an absent father and present but not really present mother. SSLC exam was my make it or break it exam. No one had faith in me that I would do well and I had big shoes to fill in. My sister was a brilliant student and everyone knew her and her achievements. As I left the assembly hall for the last time, I felt my world and all that I considered as my safety net was crumbling around me and I felt all alone.

From a small place in Kerala to where I am now.. what a beautiful journey it had been..and it was worth every bit.

This morning Baby came to me and said “Mom, I am not ready to leave my school”

And I smiled and told her ” I know it is really hard, but trust me when I tell you this, the journey ahead is worth it,  ‘Oh the places you will go’ ”

Together we read Dr. Seuss’s “Oh the places you will go”


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  1. Funny you mentioned this because I too feel at times petrified where life will take me..and I agree though it’s hard to leave the one place where you feel at home, you will discover and learn more as you keep going. I felt the same as Baby when leaving middle school transitioning into high school, and then high school going into college. Graduating from undergrad was the saddest time for me as I was leaving behind memories, great friends, and the over life I had there. However as I moved on, I got to experience life in new places and meet new people and hope to continue to do so.

  2. I had a superstar brother ( the supervisor after looking at my note books said to me how we could be born to the same mother- one an angle, the other (me) a devil..).

    I had no understanding of significance since i was clueless. your kids are so ahead..

    I love my own 15 year old- so naive and so full of innocence- so set up for failure….I wish i could tell her how bad the world is and how she would have to grow a hippo skin!!
    I think that for this world, I have done well…..

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