One thing I am adamant to give my kids is individual time with me. It is not that I have a lot of spare time, but it is not my children’s fault that I have a very busy life.So I squeeze in time for each of them, however busy/tired I am.

Now that it is Summer and the sun is up at 4.30 AM, I no longer can go for my morning walk ( too hot), So After I cook dinner I go for my evening walk, making sure that my son too would have finished his homework by then, so he could join me. It is our time together. For him to tell me about his day and all things that he finds exciting.

In the past few weeks, I have learned which girls are really hot, How they are building a steel dome in Chernobyl to prevent further radiation from escaping the plant, Why I must not vote for LNP in the next election, back to the hottest girl he saw at the bus stop..

He needs that time to talk to an adult..and I am more than willing to lend my ears.

But yesterday’s “guess what mom” moment took me by surprise.

“Guess what Mom?” He asked as we started our walk.

( I have written it often, I really hate the guess what riddles)

“What?” I asked, expecting him to tell me that he got in to trouble at school again.

“We had a Spanish test yesterday and I had to write about my family” He said

“and?” I asked.

“It was the same test I had to write last year” He stopped walking and looked at me to see if I was getting what he was trying to tell me in riddles.. I hadn’t the slightest clue.

“And?” I asked again, a bit impatient this time

“Well, last year I wrote, my mom is tall and skinny and this year I wrote my mom is short and skinny” He was so happy to tell me that.

Yes, he is now taller than me !

The way his eyes sparkled, his sheepish grin and his excitement to reach another physical milestone..they are the joys of being a mother..these are the moments I will never forget..and that is why I make sure they can spend some alone time with me..

6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I need a favor. Can you recommend what could be some nice gifts for 14 and 12 year old girls living in Australia?? Its for my nieces and I want to give something cool; but useful!
    Thanks a ton in advance Sarah.

    • Jina: Books..they are ridiculously expensive here. clothes and jewellery are also a big hit. When my family came from US for the holidays last week, they got my children games ( card games, dominoes, pass the pigs etc), clothes and jewellery and my children were very happy.

        • Jina: Most books published in US arrives in Australia months late..So you are safe to buy any new books from there. However, if your nieces haven’t read Anne of green gables, then I would pick that..It was one of my children’s favourite.

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