Reaching out

Sometimes, it means so much when you know there are people who care about you.

When Yaya was in Mexico, my youngest moved in to Yaya’s room and slept in Yaya’s bed. She has her own room and the only reason I think she did that was because she missed her sister. I was really concerned how my child will cope when Yaya leaves home next year. It occurred to me that I probably will have to move to US  and the same evening a friend asked me without any rhyme or reason “So when are you planning to move to US?” It felt like she read my mind !

Every year,  as we approach Christmas season, I miss my mother. I know another year has come and gone and that is one year less I will have with my mother. There is no chance that I will ever have any sort of relationship with my mother, however that doesn’t stop me from wishing if only..and I cope by cooking food that I associate with my mother. A reader send me the recipe of coconut chammanthi..very similar to what my mother makes. ( I am sorry, I haven’t replied to your email, I just don’t get enough time to do it)

Yesterday, due to various reasons, I was feeling a bit down and just needed to talk to someone..and  a friend in Mysore did just that. It felt so good to talk to know that there are people who care..

So here is a thank you to all of you..for all that you do..

8 thoughts on “Reaching out

  1. Have you ever been to the US and are actually considering planning to move to the there? Or just send Yaya there to college? That’d be neat though. I live in the US btw and myself have considered moving to Europe (Ireland specifically) and get a taste of something different, but Europe is in bad shape so there goes that.

    Anyway, I do agree that just talking to someone who will listen to you is a source of healing, especially when you’re missing someone or just need to vent out frustrations. I feel you can reconcile your relation with your mother if you try to contact her here and there. Maybe then she herself will feel the same and will try to create that bond again with you. There’s always a possibility. Reason I pointed that out is because I personally seen relationships shatter where both ends don’t talk or have any contact with each other for years and then all of a sudden something out the blue happens and they start to get close again, recreating that kind of relationship with each other. This happened in my family and some of my friends. So never say never ! You never know !

    • J891206: I am a dual Canadian and Australian citizen and that allows me to live in most part of the world. Currently, I love my life in Australia and don’t want to give it up. However, I do not think I and my younger two children will cope when Yaya leaves home next year. We have always been close and the geographical distance will be tough..So the option is to move to US
      The trouble with a mother and child relationship is that however horrible your mother is, you still can’t break the bond that connect you permanently. For my own sanity, I do not wish to have any contact with my mother, but I miss her.

      • I totally understand what you mean. Point taken. Been in the same position. Anyway, just want to say that my beloved grandmother passed away 2 days ago, doesn’t feel real at all. Is it alright if you keep her in your thoughts?

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