Small things..

My friend ( ahem !) was home last weekend and I was getting annoyed with him for every little thing.

I am usually an easy person to get along with. Being a Piscean, I hate conflicts and usually avoids fights but not this time and I really don’t know why.

It started of with Ice cubes ! ( Imagine that )

My water cooler broke down few weeks ago and I haven’t had the time to go and buy a new one. ( I am also very stingy and am hoping by December, there might be some promotion..) Every night before going to bed, I fill the ice cube tray .. I thought I would make myself a smoothie in the morning and I opened the freezer and twisted the ice cube tray to collect the ice which I was sure would be ready because I filled the ice cube tray before I went to bed..only to find that my friend in his quest to help me had already re filled the ice cube tray with water in the morning.. and the water in the ice cube tray fell in to the ice that was in the bottom compartment..It was not something that is so disastrous.. Yet I was so angry and annoyed..

Then I went to water the plants. The night before, my friend had helped me water the plants and I found that he changed the hose setting. I use shower setting and he changed to jet..and I was mad..

I really am not sure what is getting me all riled up. Normally I would just ignore things like  only takes a second to twist and change the hose setting from jet to shower. I suddenly find myself in a position that I don’t like any changes and don’t want to be helped if the help is coming with changes.

Either I am on my way to become a crabby annoying stubborn woman or.. actually there is no or. I think I am becoming a stubborn, crabby old woman.


8 thoughts on “Small things..

  1. Have you been feeling stressed lately? Maybe it’s that. Sometimes when we’re extremely stressed out we tend to snap, even on minor things. Witnessed that first hand.

    • J1289: Nah, not stressed.. when I was younger, I was more amenable to change.. as I grow older I find myself not willing to accept changes. It is becoming my way or high way.. and I was never like this.

    • Saju: I hope not..Though I threaten my children that I am going to act exactly like the lady in Jenny Joseph’s ” when I am an old woman, I shall wear purple”, I would really like to be a kind, gentle sweet old woman.

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