Day for Daniel

Today is day for Daniel.

Child safety depends on each of you.

Today I want to talk about sibling abuse.

I grew up thinking that I am deaf and dumb and blind. Every time my sister and I had an argument, she would tell me ” You are deaf and dumb and blind” and those words used to make me so angry and sad. At that time I was already diagnosed to be partially deaf, I wore glasses and I failed most subjects unlike my sister who was the epitome of everything I wasn’t. But still,  I looked up to my sister for acceptance and instead she made me believe that I was a useless piece of shit.

My mother never once told my older sister off for calling me deaf and dumb and blind. I always felt betrayed by my mother’s action. She was supposed to have helped stopped the abuse. Instead she condoned my sister’s action by grinning and telling me ” You ignore her, she is just riling you up” But she wasn’t. My sister was deliberately hurting my feelings knowing very well that Amma was not going to do anything.

I grew up wanting to run away from my family. So many times as a child I packed my bag to run away. But I didn’t know where to go. My home was supposed to be my haven, yet all I wanted was to leave it. I think I must have had a guardian angel who taught me that all I needed was to survive another few more years and I can leave home and join a collage far away from home. I dread the thought as to where I would have ended up had I really run away.

Siblings will always have strife. But as a parent you have the power to stop emotional abuse by siblings.  If only my mother understood how much my sister’s actions hurt me.

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