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  1. Hugs Sarah. I know the feeling. Been there. Even though the pain of losing three babies has eased over the years as life goes on, it still hurts sometimes, and I know it will never go away in my lifetime.

  2. Sarah Chechi,

    I have read your earlier posts on missing baby before and never quite understood the depth of emotions behind it. Till I lost my baby in the 6th month of pregnancy last December. I dont know if this pain will ever go away. Praying for you today.

    Big Hugs.

  3. Hi chechi..been going thru this n thinking of the little one I lost n that pain never goes away,my daughter just turned two n keep thinking how it would have been if we had both of them together

  4. I have been a silent reader of your posts and have appreciated on how you bring your kids. I have a vague memory of the post on your baby.
    Today I had to write here…. to pay tribute to my beloved 4 yr old whom I lost 2 months back. I know the pain. Unborn, child or adult- losing a baby is really devastating

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