Meet me half way !

As I wrote before, I don’t mind Yaya attending parties, what I do mind is her curfew, the time  she must leave the party and come home. I live pretty far from the city and have to drive through desolate country roads in the middle of the night when I have to fetch her at night. Besides, I also have to drag her siblings along, because I can’t leave them alone at home.

As most of her friends are turning 17 this year, she is invited to more parties that are practically all night long. Few weeks ago, she came to me and asked “Mom, I am invited for B’s 17th birthday party, can I please go?”

“Sure” I replied, while waiting for the next episode of war..where I have to tell her that she needs to be home by 10 pm and she will accuse me of being a horrible mom. ( she uses a lot more choice words than horrible mom)

And then she said ” I am planning to spend the night at S’s house, in that way her mom can fetch us after the party”

What a brilliantly executed plan ! Her friend S is the daughter of my colleague and we are very good friends. By getting my friend to fetch her and spend the night at my friend’s house, Yaya technically met me half way and solved the curfew issue very well. I trust my friend and I don’t have to drive in the middle of the night to fetch Yaya.

I told her, she did well, that I understood how well she planned it and I am proud of her. My friend told me later, she fetched them at 11 pm and they were so exhausted after dancing that many hours that they went to bed right away and didn’t get up till 10 am.

And that is that.

6 thoughts on “Meet me half way !

    • Bipin: I didn’t write about the exams because There are only two, I passed. two, I failed. If I passed, then it is another one bites the dust..If I failed, I will write the exam again….

  1. Sounds like a fair plan for both parties. Yaya gets her wish to stay over that makes up the curfew and your worries are relieved as you have a trustable friend looking after her.

    Btw, hope your exams went well !! 🙂

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