Deer in the headlight

While I was doing second year Pre-degree, I had to apply to various medical college to do MBBS. I have no idea what I had to write in those application forms, because I didn’t fill them myself. My sister was working in Trivandrum at that time and my mother send me to her with all those forms, which she filled and I returned home in the evening. The irony is that if I was going to do Medicine, 5 years from that day, I would have been working as a doctor, yet I wasn’t considered matured enough to fill in the application by myself to become a doctor. And the worst is, I was so ill prepared for my interview and sat like a deer in the headlight in front of the college Principal while my sister and my uncle answered all the questions on my behalf. Instead of filling the application for me, which I could have done by myself, I wished my family had prepared me for the interview.

Yaya is in Mexico right now. She packed her bag, did the online check in and all I had to do was to drop her at the airport. She didn’t want me to wait till she cleared the immigration and shooed me away.

She didn’t send an email or a txt to let me know she arrived in Mexico. I would have love to know about her host family or her new school.

I send her a message on FB wishing her good luck on her first day of school. I wrote “Darling, good luck with your first day of school and here is hoping that you will get to meet  lots of hot guys”

What I really wanted to do was to scold her for not keeping me updated, but she is my child and I hate having to answer/explain to anyone. So I wrote what I hoped would elicit a response from her. True enough, she responded “Thanks Mom, I love you, I am so nervous” And I replied “All will be well and be good”

From now to the day she leaves Mexico, I don’t expect any more messages from her. Unless of course she runs out of money. I do worry about her. But what I know is that, she is smart and independent and that she won’t be like a deer in the headlights like her mother was.

6 thoughts on “Deer in the headlight

  1. Exchange student program?

    Best thing ever. Hope Yaya enjoys her time with her host family and engage herself in another culture. I seriously wish I had done that.

  2. ^Haha well I’m not a high school student lol. Already passed that stage. It’s harder now since I’m older and am much more busy establishing my career, which is time consuming, however it doesn’t excuse my desire to travel around the globe to meet new people and explore other cultures. I got plenty of time to do that. Euro trip and traveling all across India is on my list 🙂

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