As my children grew older, I have been extremely careful with their diet and lifestyle. I didn’t want them to have pimples, so I stopped making deep fried foods ( good bye samosa) added a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet.

I am not much in to beauty products, but I am a fan of facial wash and taught my children to wash their face as soon as they get back home from school.

Yaya doesn’t use any makeup. She doesn’t have to. She has flawless skin and is very pretty. ( of course all mothers say the same about their children ) and I thought I did well..

She comes with me for grocery shopping and the past few weeks, she has been a pain in the posterior. She insists on reading the nutrition facts on every thing we buy and salt and fat are our current enemies.

First she banned my favourite salt and vinegar chips.  Too much salt is not good for you, she said.

Then it was the crackers my son loves.. again salt and fat content. She made me buy water crackers, don’t ask what it is, it taste terrible and my son refused to eat it.

Last week, it was the Philadelphia cream cheese’s turn to leave my home. Original has been banished from my kitchen and we now have the extremely low fat version that doesn’t taste anything like  cream cheese.

This morning, she has declared that she is going to be a vegetarian. She believes in ethical treatment of animals.. It was a perfect day to start your life as a vegetarian.. especially because I made Hainanese chicken rice for lunch and she loves it. So she  opted to differ being a vegetarian for another day.

I have tried to explain to her that body needs fat, there is no way you can live by not eating fat. I also explained to her how boring her life would be if she is going to be a vegetarian. I know, because I am a vegetarian and often starve whenever I have to attend formal functions. When everyone gets a beautiful rump steak or grilled salmon from Tasmania, I get three shoots of aged asparagus that taste like the sole of an old leather boots as a main course…Alas, no luck. Every magazine she reads there are articles after articles that claim food as the biggest threat to human health. Children like Yaya believes what the media says.

I am not sure how long this denial state is going to last..I miss my salt and vinegar chips. ( I know I am the mom here and I should be able to buy the chips if I really wanted, but she is learning to be assertive and she really cares for me, so I am hoping that she will see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand that not everything is bad for you)

7 thoughts on “Media

  1. hahahahahah!! (that’s for losing the salt and vinegar chips)

    btw- I still do not put my lunchbox into the sink 😐

  2. So you’re daughter is turning into a vegan? XD

    If you’re trying to get her to eat meat and have some fat in her body (which she does need), you can say that never eating meat can lead to iron deficiency anemia and other issues like blindness since meat is the primary source that contains vitamin B12 and iron. I’m pretty sure she’ll reconsider her thoughts haha 😉

    It’s odd, but many people I came across recently are either starting on a vegan diet or a gluten free diet. A few weeks ago when I was heading back to my native home, I saw a bunch of cars grouped together, and all their license plates said “VEGAN” on it.

    Life is funny sometimes.

        • J1289: Nah, my children knew from the time they were little that I don’t eat meat because I don’t want to kill an animal for a meal, but I didn’t want them to be vegetarians because, they have to choose their own path, they shouldn’t become vegetarians because their mother is one. Yaya is now at an age where she is concerned about ethical treatment of animals, environmental protection etc..She might turn out to be an activist or become jaded..But either way, it is her call..

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