Learning to drive again

I have been driving legally for more than 20 years and a few more years extra illegally. But I am now having to learn to drive again.

Few years ago, a blogger ( Upsilamba) wrote about how she got her drivers license. It was pretty hilarious.I can’t remember her blog ID and if she is still reading my blog, here is a big hello from me.

I found the blog. Yay 🙂


I had only been back in Malaysia for a month when I went for the driving license test. I didn’t know any of the road rules, but the examiner was a young dude and I flirted with him ( There, I said it) and much to the surprise of everyone who knew me, I passed the test and got my license.

I am a pretty good driver, if I may say so, except once in a while the men ( and women) in blue feel compelled to stop my car and give me a lecture and a ticket. I even managed to meet the local cop in Philly. My aunt told me a place called Downingtown is where I should look for a house if I am really keen to move to US ( quiet neighbourhood, good schools,  blah blah). So I thought I would check it out. As I got off the highway I missed the stop sign and didn’t see the cop car. Fortunately for me, there were two more stop signs further up the road that I saw and stopped. The cop was right behind me , checking to see if I would stop at those stop signs. After the third one, he flashed the lights, pulled me over, checked my Aussie license and told me “long way from home” and I did my best Aussie accent and told him “yeah mate, righto”  The traitors ( aka my children) were laughing so much that I thought the cop must have wondered which mental hospital we escaped from. Anyway, he was a nice chap and didn’t give me a ticket because I did stop at the two stop signs and genuinely didn’t see the first one. ( I didn’t see the first one, because there was an Italian restaurant on the left side and few super bikes were parked in front !)

As I was saying, I am a pretty good driver ( most of the time). But not anymore. Yaya is sitting for learner’s permit test next month ( bloody hell, how fast time flew) and is reading about all the laws.

Yesterday, when I took her to the library which is 8 km from my home, she told me

“mom, you didn’t stop at the stop sign completely”

” you are driving very close to the car in front, you must keep 3 seconds gap minimum”

“Mom, yellow light means slow down and stop, not drive faster”

” Mom, you didn’t put the indicator when you were at the roundabout”

And to think, that I will have to go through all of these 2 more times when the younger two starts driving.. Lovely.

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  1. I have had my share of driving tests – First one, in Kerala, when I turned 16. For a moped, less than 50 cc only. My beloved scooter was more than 50cc, so gave it on a really bad condition driving school one (and ta da, failed the test!). Luckily for me, made it the seond time. After that, for car driving license after I turned 18. I managed again- they had iron poles in the ground. Practised in the same car that I was going to give the test, and memorized at what angle I had to see the pole. I then moved to Bangalore, and realized that my two wheeler license was not good enough (below 50 cc) for my scooter, applied again. The RTO guy didn’t like it that I didn’t come through a driving school (and that I used the indicators rather than my hand). Had to go again. And when I thought that I had a few more years to go (I think Indian license is valid for 20 years or so), we moved to the US. Just finished all the drama – got it on the second attempt. I hope I won’t have another license test for a long time!

    • URT: I had four violations when I went for my first driving test in Vancouver. ( After driving in KL for years, I wasn’t surprised). Fortunately most countries recognize Canadian license, so I don’t think I will have to go through another test ever.

      • I had much more than four violations the first time here – He was in a very bad mood (the test was at 6:30 in the morning, and it had snowed through the night), and told me after about 2 minutes that I wasn’t going to clear the test – I went ahead and drove like normal 😉 – Didn’t bother to count the no of violations!

        • URT: I thought I was the worst driver.. for getting 4 violations in one go.. and you made me smile..that I have company..

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