This came as a shock and I contemplated if I should post it or not. As usual, writing helps me cope.

Tomorrow, I will be scanned and prodded to rule out ovarian cancer.

I have always led a healthy life. I ate nutritious food, maintained my weight, drank in moderation and exercised. The word cancer wasn’t even in my mind when I went to see my GP.

I am not afraid of death. for everyone dies one day. But right now, it is really inconvenient. I have so many places to go and so many things to do.

Few days ago, I was singing ” I am too sexy for my shirt” by Right said Fred and my son said jokingly “mom, I think we should so play this song for your funeral when the pall bearers carry the casket, I can bet with you that everyone will agree that song is so you”

It was not unusual to talk about the songs for funeral, I have always told my children that I want them to play IZ’s “somewhere over the rainbow” when I am buried.

Now I wonder was that a moment of nimitham?

I know tomorrow it can go two ways. I can either be totally healthy or dying and I am scared.

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  1. Hugs. Hope your tests are negative. I happen to know someone in her 20s who leads a healthy lifestyle and has never touched a drop of alcohol who is going for ovarian cancer screening. 🙁

  2. Sending lots of love and hugs across the pond, Sarah! Whatever it may be, there’s always a way out of everything so please don’t worry. All the best wishes x

  3. You will be fine and kicking. Hang in there. I am not a religious person, still will ask the super power to keep you safe.

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