Suck up.

When you are a student, often  you will find at least one teacher that you just can’t get along. I used to  skip the lectures given by teachers I can’t stand and get someone to give me a proxy attendance. I also lost a gold medal because I was at war with one of my professors and he deliberately didn’t give me the 20 marks that I should have got my internal exam.

My son hates one of his teachers. Couple of weeks ago, a very dear friend had come for visit and was home when my son came back from school. As usual, I asked my son “how was your day?”

“I hate my Mrs X, she did this and did that” my son started to rant.

My friend did Law at Harvard ( Obama’s classmate.) and he listened to my son’s ranting. Then he asked my son to come and sit down with us and told him

“Toothless, in life remember always, only honey can get you the flies, not vinegar ( for which my son replied, manure too will work and my friend was ROFL, but that is not the point for today’s post) and you will always find a teacher/colleague you just can’t get along. However, what matters the most  is your grades. Your teacher will only be with you for a short while , but your grades will have much bigger impact on your life and if you are going to be at what with her, you are going to get a bad grade. so my advice to you is  just suck up to her. What you need is good grades and focus on that and suck up to her royally”

My son followed the advice. He has been sucking up to the teacher and the teacher has chosen him to  represent the school for the STEM ( science technology engineering maths) project.

Ideally, I didn’t want to teach my son to suck up to someone to get something. You shouldn’t have to do that if you are capable of doing something well on your own. But my friend had a point and it looks like his advice worked..



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