The zones

Yesterday was a good day for me. A reader send me the link for Sidney Sheldon books and I thought I was going to make my son’s day when I got back home. He was waiting for me to get back home and as soon as I parked the car, he opened the car door and asked “guess what?” ( I was hoping to do the same and ask him “guess what”, entey helium balloontey kattu shhhhhhhhhhh nnu poyi)

“What?” I asked

“I won the school election” He started jumping up and down.

As most Ivy league Unis are interested in admitting students who are all rounder and not just academically good, leadership qualities will be an added bonus. My son knows that and is working hard to ensure that he does all that is needed. My son is not your typical  popular student. You know the one who is sporty and acts like a male model etc..Ok, I didn’t say that right. My son is good looking and wins all the maths awards and won the academic gold medal last year.. what I meant to say was, the popular guys are the ones who has Justin Bieber hairstyle, athletic with 6 packs,, wearing branded clothes, vans shoes, owning those expensive headphones etc.

So, I asked ” How did you manage to win?”

” all the girls voted for me” He replied

“Really?” I asked

My helium balloon was back to its original fully inflated shape. For you see, I have always been very careful about raising my son well. I don’t want a girl to come and ask me later “why I did such a terrible job as a mom and raised a jerk”. So if all the girls voted for him, obviously I did well, don’t you think?

he must have seen the grin on my face and felt he needed to explain.

“It is the zones, mom”

“What do you mean?” I asked

” well, it is like this. when you talk to a girl, if you are going to be a jerk, then she will place you in a ‘no go zone; and you have no hope of ever dating her. If you are going to be her best buddy, then she will keep you in the ‘friend zone’ and she will never date you because she will tell you it is like dating your brother. so you need to keep them in a ‘strike zone’ where you have some chance of dating her..You are not a jerk and you are not the best friend. I keep all girls in the strike zone”

I took a deep breath and sighed. There is so much you learn from your children.

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  1. Wow!!.. Strike!!… Let me go teach this principle to my toddler now as I have no hopes of him growing up to be a hunk.. :D..

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