Motta is what I am going to get for my exams in a few weeks time. One would think that an adult woman of 43 would know the implications of procrastination. somehow, I can only study when the pressure of failure is looming in the horizon!  Even yesterday night instead of studying I read a novel and this morning when I woke up, two things came to my mind. Today is Ash Wednesday and like every year I give up drinking for lent out of respect for my grandmother who observed the lent every year without fail.. I am a vegetarian, so giving up meat is a mute point. As I was counting how many days are  in  valia noymbu, in other words how many days I will have to survive without having a drink, l it occurred me  that my exams are also approaching very quickly.

Panic is what you feel when you know you have not studied anything and you really don’t have enough time to study everything.

When I was a medical student, apart from dating and spending as much time as I possibly can with the bf, the only other distraction that kept me away from studying was novels. And now, I work, I drive my children to various activities and when I sit down to read, I like to quickly check what is happening in Ukraine and that leads to What N. Khrushchev did in ’54 and in between, I also take a quick look at my FB, read my emails, and check what happened to the bid I placed on Ebay.

My life was a lot easier till the technology started to become a major part of my life.

I am going to take time off blogging. ( Otherwise I will get motta)

Back on 29th March.



A minute after typing this post , I checked my fb..and saw this..thought I shall post it here

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  1. Oh! what will I do now first thing in the morning?!! will miss your writing… but do well in your exams 🙂 and come back soon 🙂 🙂

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