Teaching children to write.

I am a firm believer of ” your ability to express your thoughts define where you end up in your career”

Why writing is so important ?

I grew up rot learning to write three types of letters, first one was  how to write a leave of absence letter and the second was how to request something ( mine was to ask a publisher about a book and this particular one was really stressful for the publisher chosen by the teacher was Vidyarthimithram and I couldn’t spell it and the last  was how to cancel an order. My teacher wrote these three letters and the students had to learn it by heart and you got full mark if you regurgitated the teacher’s letter without making any mistake. The only changes you had to do were to write the correct date and sign with your own name. I still struggle when I have to send a formal letter at work and what takes my colleagues 2 minutes will take me 2 hours.

When my children were little, all three hated to write, but it was my son who struggled the most. His brain worked much faster than his ability to write and it frustrated him. I taught him to think 10 things about any object/character and write them down. We started off with things like pencil, eraser etc and he had to write 10 things about it. It taught him to slow down his thinking, for it was really hard to write 10 things about a pencil. I also worked with his teachers and got permission from the school that my son will be allowed to write his assignments on the computer instead of writing them manually. ( typing was faster than writing for him)

He got A for his English assignment. He had to ask a moral question to one of the Characters in Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream and present the assignment in the class. He didn’t read the book, instead he read all that is available on the net about the midsummer night’s dream and wrote his assignment. He hates not getting an A and opted to wear a skirt, so he will get all the extra marks to get an A. I know, as his mother, I am supposed to get him to read the book. I didn’t because I don’t see the relevance of Shakespeare’s work in 21st century. I also think being smart alone isn’t going to get you anywhere in life and sometimes you have to know how to wing it even if you don’t know anything about the subject !

This is what he wrote

toothless puck

toothless puck2

Not bad eh?

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