Academic honours

It was a delight to watch my children walking on the stage to collect their awards. Clearly, it was their hard work and going the extra mile to do the best helped them  win the award. I was really happy for my children.

But this post isn’t about my children. This post is about the most annoying boy you would ever meet in your life.

He is my son’s classmate. He is very annoying and extremely disruptive in the class. He often throws things at his classmates. He never completes his homework and the only reason he is allowed to attend the school is because of the ‘inclusion’ policy. But he got a perfect score for  every  maths competitions conducted locally and internationally. ( My son only got  high distinction, not a perfect score) He is a genius stuck in a brain diagnosed with severe Asperger’s.

He didn’t win any award yesterday. I know the awards are for overall achievements, but I feel sad that we only recognize what we consider normal.

Life isn’t fair..

Away until Monday

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