Ah ! My son.

I send hot chocolate in a coffee mug for my kids to take it to school during  winter time and keep it ready on the kitchen counter. As they leave home, my children would take their respective cups. Few days ago, Yaya stole a few sips from her brother’s cup and forgot to close the spout. My son didn’t check and chucked the cup in his school bag.By the time he walked to the bus stop, there was hot chocolate everywhere. He had tears in his eyes when he came back home with hot chocolate dripping down his bag, soaking his books and clothes. But he was more sad that he missed the bus all his mates would be in. I offered to drive him to the nearest major junction knowing that  the bus stops at every stop before the junction, so if I drove him there,he would be able to catch the same bus.

He quickly changed his clothes and I gave him a spare bag to put his books and drove him to the nearest major junction.

My neighbour was also travelling in the same bus. He called me to say What happened when my son got in the bus..

The bus was crowded..usual bunch of students and office workers..My son, after his usual Rajnikanth style of touching the go card  to the reader by flipping the wallet and uttering “wapao”, walks to where his sister is sitting, looked at her. grinning widely. asked her “Missed me?”

Yaya apparently was speechless and gave him her famous death stare.

Last evening I made tacos and mince and my son took a huge serving of mince. Seeing the amount of mince in his plate Yaya very sarcastically told him “That much of mince can feed an army”

Without missing a beat my son replied “yeah, army of ants for sure”

Yaya warned him that one of these days she will get him, for which he replied “Yeah, then we will have bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner”

Neiher I nor Yaya got that joke, so we looked at him for explanation..

“The day she gets me  is the day pigs will fly and we will get free bacon” He explained..

Yaya gave him more death stares..

As for me, I am still laughing…


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  1. Hi Sara, I accidentally stumbled upon your blog when I did a search on kuthari vs. pachari 🙂 and I kept reading one after another and now I can’t stop reading your posts. I was in AU for long time and now moved to US, keep blogging 🙂 regards to Yaya, toothless and baby…

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