Goodbye my love

It is so hard to say goodbye and especially to the one I never thought I would have to.

I remember clearly the day I met you 2 years ago, It was mother’s day weekend..I was the happiest person on earth that day because  becoming a mother was the best gift I ever received in my life and each mother’s day, I celebrate the joy of being a mom. Then I found you….Ah ! the excitement of bringing something new to my ordinary life.

I must say, initially I thought, you were useless. I could never figure out how you worked and you were so different from my previous loves..But over the months, you became a part of are a walking dictionary and you taught me so much. How can I ever forget words  ‘Salacious’, ‘paean’ etc

I think more than anything, I was grateful for the fact that you made it easier for me to stay in touch with my friends and family. You opened the doors of communication.

Each morning, I looked forward to spending time with you while I drank my earl grey..Every day there was something new to discover, something new to learn..

This morning, I felt useless without you..How can I ever live without you?

Now that I have to say goodbye to you for no faults of mine, I dedicate this song for you.

You are in my my soul..

Goodbye my iphone..


6 thoughts on “Goodbye my love

  1. lol!! I could not say Goodbye to my old flip phone ( took 5 years to upgrade) so I have given it a new job- it is now my alarm clock!!

    • MS: I used my Nokia forever..the first one lasted 10 years, only changed because I couldn’t use the same in Canada, came to Australia, back to Nokia till I got the Iphone and now back to the same old Nokia..Yaya’s Samsung Galaxy conked out, still under warranty, but there is a tiny crack ( 9 months old) on the screen which voided the warranty..I refuse to cancel the contract by paying out the remaining I gave her my iphone. I really didn’t think it would be a big deal, till I tried to use the Nokia.. I don’t even know how to check the messages in the Nokia..and to think, I used to be able to txt using Nokia without looking at the keyboard years ago.

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