Velliyazhcha nalla divasam


Today, I am eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. To sum it all up, imagine a girl who went to an ordinary school and struggled with low grades because she was  deaf and dumb and blind to everyone around her and went through so much  adversities over the years that often she wished if only she died during the night, then she wouldn’t have to see  another new day.. That same girl grew up and is now able to say “How much I would have lost if I had given up on me”


I found this rose few months ago in the clearance section at Bunnings. ( Hardware store). It didn’t have any leaves and looked really sad. Of all the odd things I am known to think, that particular moment I remembered Balachandra Menon and the song “kattil oru kochu mulla, mulpadarppil oru kochumulla” I don’t remember the full lyrics or the name of the movie or for that matter the story line. I was probably 11 years old when the movie came out, but  I can still see the house and him coming out of veranda with this song being played as sad melody in the back ground ( towards the end of the movie). This was no mulla (jasmine), but still, how could I leave this plant to languish in the corner of the shop and be forgotten? Much to my own dismay ( ’cause I can kill any plants with no trouble and to think what would be the fate of one already at the death’s door) and to that of the  checkout staff who looked at the plant and at me to see if I have lost my marbles, I bought it. After all, I thought the worst that can happen is that  I will lose the 4$ I paid for the plant. I didn’t do anything other than to plant the rose on the ground. Mother nature did the rest and look at it now. Isn’t it a beauty?

So, velliyazha nalla divasam anu..and now I really want to go and live South America, learn Spanish, eat Tapas, drink grappamiel and….there is tango to dance still.


6 thoughts on “Velliyazhcha nalla divasam

    • Madhavankutti: odichu aa padam innale kandu..but can’t remember when the song was played as a sad tune in the movie..What I see in my mind is Balachandramenon leaving the house after admitting that he is all alone in this world and the song being played as a sad melody in the back ground. I can see plants on the right side..sometimes I worry what is real and what is my I rumintate each day, do I weave more characteristics to my memory?

  1. Hi Sara,
    Hope am addressing you you by the right name, infact I forgot it. Goggle landed me on your blog while searching for the “kattan kappi” and ended up reading 15-20 of your blogs till this time, that too in office. Ill browse through the rest of them too.
    Hey ,You have a regular reader now on..

  2. You should probably move to South America when your kids come to US for uni… they will still have a commute home, but it will be easier than traveling to Australia!!

    • MS: I will only be in Australia for another 6 years Maximum. ( till my youngest finish grade 12) After that I am hoping to move to Uruguay, learn Spanish and read the works of all the people that were part of ‘generation of 45’. I also want to learn Tango from the masters and dance to La cumparsita..

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