Not your god given right.


When I saw the photo of Nicholas, I fell in love with his beautiful blue eyes..and his impish grin and I wanted to hold him and give him a million hugs..because I also noticed the wide set eyes and knew he is a lucky one. The one who is allowed to be born, .because the prenatal tests would have  certainly been positive for Downs and his parents could have killed him.

I try to live a life without regrets, but sometimes when I see the 2 empty chairs at my dining table, I wish I had more children..I wish my son had a brother who would have understood all the things my son finds fascinating, instead of the  the two annoying  and clueless sisters  he has to live with. But I was already 31 when I gave birth to my youngest and I knew the chances of a child born with Trisomy increases with my age and I felt I had no right to bring a child in to this world knowing very well that there was a chance my baby could have down’s. My age was against me and that was a risk I couldn’t take. My mom had my youngest sister when she was 44 and I really wanted to convince myself that nothing would happen, but the little voice in my head did what it does so asked over and over what if?? what if??

I am an anti abortionist. ( except mother’s health and rape). If a baby took a breath after his or her birth and if you killed the baby the very next second, you will soon find yourself counting the bars in the cell. There are  laws that says if you were the cause for a pregnant woman to lose her life and that of her unborn child ( even a car accident), you will be guilty of the murder of not just the mother, but also the unborn baby. But somehow, it is alright for a mother to chose if she wanted to carry her baby or not. Because Abortion is legal in most countries and  It doesn’t matter that the baby’s heart starts beating at 6-7 weeks and it is really  alive at the time of his or her murder.

Now, with all the advance in medical technologies, we are  able to find if the baby is “healthy” and if it isn’t, it is just a minor procedure and a few days of discomfort for the mother..Yet, we think Hitler’s eugenics and action T4 policies were horribly wrong. Action T4  (

Except in the case of rape, every woman who is pregnant chose to have sex and the baby is the result of having sex. You, as a woman have a choice to not have sex or use protection, but you do not have a god given right to kill your unborn child because you aren’t ready to have a baby or because the baby is not ‘healthy’.

Children are a be loved and cherished ..

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  1. Hi Sarah

    This is one place where I disagree with you.

    While each to his own , a woman has a right to decide whether she wants a baby or not. If she isn’t ready for it , and she has her baby , then both she and the baby suffer. It is not necessary that she needs to love her children because she birthed them and then the kids ultimately suffer.She would probably resent it. Rather that she has the baby when she wants it rather than when because she has to have it.

    Sure , babies are a result of sex and protection isn’t 100% fool proof .

    An unhealthy baby requires a lot of care, a lot of attention and resources including money. if you cannot provide for it , what quality of life do you and the baby have ? You will end up feeling guilty and constantly pressured . It is not worth it.

    Having a baby when you want it.,makes the world a better place.

    • Aditi: Just because you are a woman doesn’t give you the right to be a judge and a jury. The only reason a woman ends up with a baby is because she had sex. ( sure, contraceptions fail. ask the women who have had abortion, chances are, they will tell you they weren’t using any ! ) If the woman had a right to her body, then doesn’t the baby have a right to live? why is it that only one can get to choose if the other can or not live, when the one without the choice is the result of the actions of one with a choice( not to have sex !)
      As for the money..again..the same old drama….in the 19th century women were a commodity of her family, husband and society and now she thinks she is free to make a choice and not actually seeing that the society that she really thinks she is free still dictates how she should live.. every disbaled child costs a lot money and the govts are pretty happy to get rid of the unwanted financial burden..they tell you not to smoke only because it costs money to cure your cancer, but they don’t tell you not to kill a baby with down’s syndrome..instead they just use postive manipulation and tell you,it is your body, your right..
      And if you really thought that a woman should really only have a child when she is ready, then perhaps wouldn’t it be much easier to have sex when you are ready to accept that sex can result in babies?

  2. I am all for saving the fetus. Just not inside my body.

    Ultimately I have a right over my body which will overrule any one else’s right over it. I may personally not want to abort, but I will not condemn others choices for whatever reason. It is their body.

    • Clueless: if a woman owns her body, then who owns her baby?
      You own a car because you paid for it, but you don’t own your body. You can stop using your car any day, but you can’t stop eating and tell the world that you decided that from now you won’t eat any more because it is your body and you have the right to do so. It is the same with your heart. You can’t walk in to the hospital and tell that you would like to donate your heart while you are alive. ( but you can give any part of your car, even the engine to anyone). You can’t even choose who get your body parts after your death if you chose to be an organ donor. Actually you can’t even be an organ donor after your death, even if you want to and if your immediate family disagrees.
      You can’t even ride a bike without helmet, drive a car without using a seat belt. Actually if you really own your body, it should be your choice to do so.
      If you assume that a woman can abort her baby because it is her body..But why is it then that the law will not allow her to abort her baby late term? It is still her body..her choice !

      • @Sarah

        Just because society has taken away other rights to my body does not mean the right to abort should be taken away too. Examples of many wrong will not make another wrong right.

        • Clueless: how is it that the right of a woman to kill her unborn child over rides the right of the child to live? Wouldn’t it be up to the society to protect the weakest, yet fails doing so because of too many rights?? You have the right to not have sex and rape is an offence for the same reason. It is really convenient to bring rights in to play when there is an unwanted pregnancy.. But you gave up the so called ‘rights’ when you had sex. ( rape excluded)

          • Every child has the right to live as long as it is not violating my right to my body. Just like you have right to roam around in a free country but still cannot trespass on private property.

            A fetus at 6 weeks may have a heart beat but it is still a fetus. We cannot credit it with the same right as a human being. And even if we did, again the rights of the mother will trump over the rights of the fetus because the mother is the one whose body and resources are being used – which she has a right to withdraw.

            If people force pregnancies on women, then they should also compensate for an unwilling pregnancy and be ready to take care of the child when it is born. Also the father of the child should be held responsible for the well being of the mother since he also had sex! But no, we let the guys go scot free, we hold our heads up high and say we saved a life and look the other way while the child grows up in an unloving, harsh environments of poverty and abuse. What morally superior thing have we achieved?

          • Clueless: have you ever met someone who lost her baby in the first trimester? Try telling her that she shouldn’t really grieve for the lost baby, it was just nothing but a mass of tissues with a heart beat. There is something called two sides of coin..what you see as a fetus is a baby to those who lost..

  3. Sarah- If not a woman’s God given right, then how do you explain “Free Will”? Isn’t the premise that God gave you free will to exercise it and then take responsibility and live with the consequence?
    By no means, am I preaching that people abort, but children who are born with downs or fragile-x or autism etc are kids who do not have an independent and normal life. Depending on the severity, they could end up in homes and being mistreated. These kids grow up dependent. They never have a life of their own. What is the point of such a life?

    Isn’t it the most humane thing to do? Not let them be born, so that the cruel world does not mistreat them.

    I know someone with fragile-x.. he love Buick cars, but he will never own one or ever drive one. He will never be able to go to a restaurant and order a meal on his own, the one that he likes. Extremely friendly, does not understand money, but remembers all the basket ball teams and the scores. Never looks at you and speaks, but will always ask how you are doing..Looks normal until you speak to him and he evades looking at you. We can argue that he makes the world beautiful and diverse and he is God’s special child etc… but I always wonder.. what is in it for him?

    • MS:
      If you look at the link, you would see the percentage of the elderly who are abused, be it in the nursing homes or their own homes. The biggest drain on healthcare are by the people who live longer ( often with a myriads of health issues). There is no point for anyone to live beyond the age of 65. They have seen their children grow up. paid up their mortgage and might be lucky to see a few grand kids as well by that age. What is in it for them after the age of 65? Should we now tell the govt to start issuing cyanide pills to everyone who turns 65?
      Motor Neurone diseases are terminal..they costs the tax payers a lot of money.. What is in it for those with MND being physically disabled and not even able to talk? ( you would have never read Hawking radiatiion)
      Blind people .. we have to invest so much money to make our cities safe for them..What is in it for them anyway when they can’t see a thing? ( you wouldn’t have heard the song I just called to say I love you)
      Free will: do you honestly think there is free will? You can freely will your house to anyone you want after your death and the law guarentees your right to do so. You can’t freely will your organs to anyone you want after your death. The law decides who gets it. ( there has been a case of a daughter who died suddenly and the mother who was waiting for the organ transplant and was the perfect match didn’t get went to the person who was first in the waiting list)
      19 year old daughter of a friend had a fall and is still in coma and is expected never to recover and be her former self. Ask yourself, would you as a parent live each day hoping for a miracle and say that it is my child and I will fight to my last breath to keep her alive even though there is really nothing in it for her..or would you say that, it is costing the govt a lot of money, they money that can be better used elsewhere, so I will ask the doctors to turn off the life support?
      What Hitler envisioned was a world that had a pure race and no physical disabilities.. He was pretty close to achieving it as well..First they came ,,

      • The flaw in your argument is that you are saying “Not your God given right” but are arguing legal stuff.
        If one were to leave it to God’s desire then the process would be different. Legally, with all the technological advances, society allows you to abort if you fetus is not growing normally or if there could be a problem when the child is born. Is it right or wrong, is a question that I do not have an answer to. The fact is the choice exist. I am not preaching or supporting abortion. That is best left to the individual, which is a right given by the society. I am all for the choice. I would not want anybody taking away that choice from any woman. If a woman knowingly wants to have a baby that will be disabled, that is her choice, if she does not want, that too is her choice. No one should condemn her either way.

  4. Just because you are a woman doesn’t give you the right to be a judge and a jury.

    I think you answered for all women there. To keep or not is for her to decide, because she carries the weight of the burden, one way or another. People can present their opinion, but none have the right to be a judge and a jury.

  5. Wow! That’s quite a string of arguments !!!
    I guess there’s no absolute right or wrong when it comes to situations such as
    abortion and euthanesia.
    I agree with Clueless when she says that , while she may not opt for an abortion, she wouldn’t atand in judgement of one who does.
    There’s a lot more grey than black and white when it comes to decisions such as these. As you have pointed out Sarah, while you are pro-life you would make an exception on medical grounds and rape.
    People of certain faiths/denominations may well have an issue with that too. Aren’t they some groups that refuse medical intervention on the grounds that, “if the Lord giveth, then the Lord will taketh.”

  6. Sarah

    It so happens I did lose one of my babies in the first trimester. I did grieve the loss. I probably would not abort if I had an unplanned pregnancy. But I will in no way try to take away the rights of others to make that choice.

    • Clueless : I am so sorry for your loss .. But you see the distance between a foetus and a baby is. Directly proportional to the choices a mother makes. When it is wanted it is a baby, when it is unwanted it becomes a foetus.. That is exactly what I am trying to get..there is really no difference between a baby and a foetus.. It is just the perception of the person. Rights come with responsibility. Every woman out there have a right to have sex and conceive.. And every baby has a right to be born. When a mother choose not to give that right to her baby, perhaps she should take the responsibility not to get pregnant. It is unfair to a baby who never asked to be there in the womb in the first place to pay the price when the mom decides she doesn’t want has nothing to do with your ownership of your body or the society granting you the right to abortion.. It is just protecting the right of the one with the weakest is our responsibility to protect and care for those who are unable to fight their own battles.. I will always stand by the right of a child to be born just as I will always respect your opinion.

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